Worry wart…

“No worries mate.”

“She’ll be right.”

Both lovely sayings used often by Australians on a daily basis.

But sometimes hard to believe.

Sometimes I do worry about things.

I worry about things that “normal” people wouldn’t worry about.

In the past I have worried about the amount of drinks available at a party. I worried so much that I nearly didn’t go to the party.

I stress about social things. Who will be there? Who won’t be there? Who will I be? The loud, silly me or the quiet me?

Yes. There is a quiet me.

There is a scripture in the bible that says to be anxious for nothing.
Because God knows all things.

This brings me some comfort but at the same time I know that Jesus didn’t have to try and find a car park at the shops the week before Christmas.

Little things push me over the edge.

Worrying about things that might never happen is a massive waste of my time and my joy.

But it’s part of me.

A part of me that is so much better than it used to be but I understand how others can be crushed under the weight of anxiety.

I can understand not being able to breathe under the weight of a eleven million little things each on its own weighing less than a feather.

It’s a personal thing and things that seem ridiculous and insignificant to some can debilitate others.

So just a shout out to those who are worrying about things that haven’t happened yet or upset about things that can be easily fixed.

It’s okay. Or it’s okay not to be okay.

But today I’m looking forward to the jumping castle at work tomorrow with 50 four year olds because what could possibly go wrong?



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