Steering myself…

You know when you get a song line stuck in your head but it’s out of context.

You only know that one line so you spend hours, no days, no weeks singing until it becomes your mantra.

It becomes you.

“So hold this feeling like a newborn child”.

It’s a line from a Missy Higgins song. It’s called Steer and I like that the line stuck in my head is from one of her songs.

(I googled it and it’s something to do with freedom and being able to steer yourself in your own direction.)

But for me in my head it’s about living in the moment or relishing the moment or spreading relish.

It’s about recognising the good and looking at it like it’s something terribly precious and worthy of being treasured.

So I’m opening up my shoulders, sticking out my boobs and filling up my lungs full of air and peace and life.

And breathing out through the headaches and the mess and the noise and the grouchiness and all that stuff.

I wish that I had more patience.

Can you buy it somewhere or get an app on your phone that allows you not to take it all so personally?

It’s been two weeks since I was worried about “hell week” and now I just want my head to stop hurting.

But instead I’ll keep holding onto the good feelings like a newborn child, quietly and gently.

Yeah that’s it, gently. I’m being gentle to me.

Be gentle to yourself too. xx

P.S You know what rhymes with headache? Jumping castle.


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