Summer holidays…

If my face were an advent calendar then I’m pretty sure that in the next 2 or 3 days I would be unwrapping a very large pimple.

I only tell you this because it’s the season of giving… too much information.

Giving TMI is my go to gift for people I know well and people I don’t know at all.

“How’s your day going” ask people in the shops and instead of staying good I tell them the truth.

I tell strangers about my pimples. And my strange falls. And how I sometimes get bitten at work. And how I’d rather be in bed sleeping than waking around the shops aimlessly.

The other day at school pick up I started a game with the school mums called places we would rather be than picking up the kids from school.

It was a fun game. I won.

I tell lots of people stuff to bond with them. To make them smile. To lighten up their day.

I like to cheer people up.

(I must remember that it’s not my job to make the world happy though.)

I am overly friendly to people who work in shops and cafes. Sometimes in a flirty way. Sometimes just in a strange way.

The receptionist at my doctors and I often end our conversations with “love you”. I do like her a lot. She has spiky pink her and a killer laugh.

But there are also things that I don’t know how to bring up or things that I don’t know how to share.

Things that aren’t really anything except thoughts in your head and they’re not worth bothering people about.

Thoughts that I don’t know how to articulate or who to share them with.

I guess I just have a switch that I flick.

Don’t we all.

Back into real life, getting on with the responsibilities mode.

I have only a few days of teaching left before the long summer break.

I’ve had back to back to back work hell weeks that I’ve survived.

And now the noise all around my head is getting quieter and the noises in it are getting louder.

Just gonna make sure that my down time doesn’t get me down.


P.S I’m okay and even if I wasn’t well you know…

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