Gift wrapped conversation…

Yesterday I volunteered to gift wrap presents at the local shopping centre for 2 hours.

I wrapped with another lady and people paid a gold coin donation to charity.

Not really sure what the charity was but that’s probably beside the point.

I sat with a stranger for 2 hours.

She is a board member for the charity and was a little bit posh.

We sat at a table at the bottom of the escalators and chatted.

She has 2 grown up children.

A daughter who married a man on the other side of the world who she doesn’t see very often but has promised to move back home eventually.

And a son on the other side of the country who is getting married in 3 weeks.

We talked about the price of real estate, the Christmas sales and the importance of understanding your partner and what is important to them in a long marriage.

I talked about my job and she talked about hers.

We talked over the top of each other a few times. There were no awkward silences.

So it’s strange that when I go out with my husband we don’t really have much to talk about.

I guess it’s because we know each other already.

But it’s still strange the ease in which I can talk to a stranger.

There was an empathy between us and an honesty to our conversation.

I would look her up on Facebook and send her a friend request but Anne is quite a common name.

It’s kind of like a plane ride I guess. Stuck with someone for a designated amount of time.

Nothing to lose by sharing your joys and sorrows with a stranger.

It was good though. Good for the soul to just talk. Kind of like free therapy but getting to know someone too.

A different point of view.

I didn’t think we’d have much in common but we did.

Because as I’ve said before a stranger is only strange until you get to know them.

And next time I’m out alone with my husband I’m going to try and talk about more than the leaky toilet.


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