I feel good…

I feel the need to happy blog.

Just to write while smiling.

I’m in bed watching Netflix with the tennis on mute on the tv in the background while checking Twitter on my phone.

In short I’m currently multitasking my leisure time.

(Please whenever you see me write leisure pronounce it with a strong American accent.)

I am going strong on my random acts of kindness thing which makes me feel good.

And I just had an auto correct fail in a private Facebook ground changing interval to internal and completely changing what happened to my phone while I was running.

I am now the laughing stock of said group and I still feel fine.

In fact to quote REM if tonight was the end of the world as we know it then I’d still feel fine.

The only blip on my radar lately is the inconsistencies of ordering a long macchiato and it having milk art on top.

That should never happen but in an act of ultimate benevolence and sacrifice I drank most of that sucker anyway and promptly ordered a short black.

So life’s good.

Bet you wish you were me.

I don’t get to say that very often so let me savor being my own flavour of the month for a bit.


Good days…

What if this is as good as it gets?

If that thought depresses the bejesus out of you then think about the fact that just by reading this mindless drivel masquerading as blog you already have so much more than some.

Yeah, sorry. Don’t mean to sound all preachy, just grateful.

You can read. You had an education. Wow.

You have access to technology and electricity. Probably fresh running water too.

You have the option of choice. You can read this because you want to. Your life isn’t censored by someone else.

You have free will.

(Unless this post has been printed off and is being read to you by some faceless militia as a form of torture in a dungeon that stinks of urine and sweat. In which case I’m terribly sorry.)

Anyway enough of all that.

I had a mini revelation last night that everyday is as good as it gets.

It’s as good as you make it.

If you slept through it then good for you. If you spent that day with a loved one drinking good coffee then good for you.

Even if your day was horrendous and sucked the life out of you well that’s as good as that day got.

I try so hard not to make this a bossy, tell you how to live your life blog because obviously in real life I’m ridiculously shy and never speak my mind *cough*.

But hey this is a reminder to me and you too if you want one that it’s okay.

It’s okay that this is as good as it gets.

You won’t always get to eat cheesecake.

And sometimes when you do you’ll wish you hadn’t had such a big slice.


Anyone for a play date?

It’s week 4 of my summer holidays.

That statement makes me sound like a lazy slacker but I’m not, I promise.

Don’t tell anyone this but I’m missing my routine.

And by missing my routine I may mean that I’m sick of being around my children all the time.

They whinge a lot. Well not a lot but I feel like I’m adjudicating the last play fight on earth sometimes.

There are tears over ridiculous things and they’re not mine for a change.

I haven’t had many people want to include me in things either. I’m feeling a little bit stir crazy.

When did my friends stop being my friends?

Since when do I receive so few messages?

Why do people change?

When did all our lives get so big and full of other stuff that we don’t have as much time for others.

I want to be invited to the movies.

I want to be invited out for coffee.

I want someone to make me a cheesecake.

No really. I want cheesecake.

And yeah, yeah, I know it’s up to me to be proactive and go chase my friends down but why should it always be me.

Maybe it’s time I embrace the school mums. Learn their kids names. Learn their names.

How else do you make friends when you’re 36?

Anyone got a book club I can join? Not one of those intellectual ones though just trashy romance novels?

When I lived in Denmark the family I lived with took out an ad for friends for me. I was 19 and they had lots of responses. Not many of them were suitable for a good Christian girl like me though ;-).

I wouldn’t mind going back to study some more. Use the old brain. Talk to others also using their brains.

Or maybe I should do what a friend is doing and start a creative project just for fun.

But I want to include other people. I want them to include me.

Goodness me. Don’t I sound needy?

Or as I said at the start of this post maybe I just need to be back in my routine.

Back to whinging about how tired I am and how I don’t have enough time for me.

Holidays eh?


Year of kindness…

It is my aim this year to not whinge, whine or gossip… too much.

I’m better than that.

(Though not as funny obviously.)

My big thing this year is that I don’t want to judge.

I don’t want to be standing outside looking in and making assumptions.

We are all doing our best so why bother judging.

Judging people is not me at my best. Or it shouldn’t be.

I aim to spend less time saying things about others and more time doing things for others.

It will be a year of random acts of kindness.

It will be a year of gaining enjoyment from making others happy.

It’s going to be all about the little things.

I want to be thought of with kindness.

I want to be better in every sense of the word.

I’m going to spread Christmas cheer all year round in the same way a seasonably unemployed elf who still wants to make people smile would.

I get great pleasure from making others happy.

(There’s probably a whole other therapy session right there in that sentence and how I also need to learn to say no but that’s how it goes.)

So until I get around to doing something kind for you please be kind to yourself on my behalf.

Put some flowers in water.

Make a coffee (strong not soy) and read a book.

Breathe some fresh air while listening to your favorite song.

Or just breathe and smile.

And I will too.