Year of kindness…

It is my aim this year to not whinge, whine or gossip… too much.

I’m better than that.

(Though not as funny obviously.)

My big thing this year is that I don’t want to judge.

I don’t want to be standing outside looking in and making assumptions.

We are all doing our best so why bother judging.

Judging people is not me at my best. Or it shouldn’t be.

I aim to spend less time saying things about others and more time doing things for others.

It will be a year of random acts of kindness.

It will be a year of gaining enjoyment from making others happy.

It’s going to be all about the little things.

I want to be thought of with kindness.

I want to be better in every sense of the word.

I’m going to spread Christmas cheer all year round in the same way a seasonably unemployed elf who still wants to make people smile would.

I get great pleasure from making others happy.

(There’s probably a whole other therapy session right there in that sentence and how I also need to learn to say no but that’s how it goes.)

So until I get around to doing something kind for you please be kind to yourself on my behalf.

Put some flowers in water.

Make a coffee (strong not soy) and read a book.

Breathe some fresh air while listening to your favorite song.

Or just breathe and smile.

And I will too.



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