Anyone for a play date?

It’s week 4 of my summer holidays.

That statement makes me sound like a lazy slacker but I’m not, I promise.

Don’t tell anyone this but I’m missing my routine.

And by missing my routine I may mean that I’m sick of being around my children all the time.

They whinge a lot. Well not a lot but I feel like I’m adjudicating the last play fight on earth sometimes.

There are tears over ridiculous things and they’re not mine for a change.

I haven’t had many people want to include me in things either. I’m feeling a little bit stir crazy.

When did my friends stop being my friends?

Since when do I receive so few messages?

Why do people change?

When did all our lives get so big and full of other stuff that we don’t have as much time for others.

I want to be invited to the movies.

I want to be invited out for coffee.

I want someone to make me a cheesecake.

No really. I want cheesecake.

And yeah, yeah, I know it’s up to me to be proactive and go chase my friends down but why should it always be me.

Maybe it’s time I embrace the school mums. Learn their kids names. Learn their names.

How else do you make friends when you’re 36?

Anyone got a book club I can join? Not one of those intellectual ones though just trashy romance novels?

When I lived in Denmark the family I lived with took out an ad for friends for me. I was 19 and they had lots of responses. Not many of them were suitable for a good Christian girl like me though ;-).

I wouldn’t mind going back to study some more. Use the old brain. Talk to others also using their brains.

Or maybe I should do what a friend is doing and start a creative project just for fun.

But I want to include other people. I want them to include me.

Goodness me. Don’t I sound needy?

Or as I said at the start of this post maybe I just need to be back in my routine.

Back to whinging about how tired I am and how I don’t have enough time for me.

Holidays eh?



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