I feel good…

I feel the need to happy blog.

Just to write while smiling.

I’m in bed watching Netflix with the tennis on mute on the tv in the background while checking Twitter on my phone.

In short I’m currently multitasking my leisure time.

(Please whenever you see me write leisure pronounce it with a strong American accent.)

I am going strong on my random acts of kindness thing which makes me feel good.

And I just had an auto correct fail in a private Facebook ground changing interval to internal and completely changing what happened to my phone while I was running.

I am now the laughing stock of said group and I still feel fine.

In fact to quote REM if tonight was the end of the world as we know it then I’d still feel fine.

The only blip on my radar lately is the inconsistencies of ordering a long macchiato and it having milk art on top.

That should never happen but in an act of ultimate benevolence and sacrifice I drank most of that sucker anyway and promptly ordered a short black.

So life’s good.

Bet you wish you were me.

I don’t get to say that very often so let me savor being my own flavour of the month for a bit.



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