Learning with a grimace…

Things I learnt today…

– Sometimes if you have a tantrum at work and threaten to quit you get more attention.

– Sometimes parents say dumb things to teachers. For example: “If my daughter doesn’t behave tell her that you’re not her friend. She’s very sensitive so if you upset her she’ll do what you say”.

– Sometimes teachers may lose their cool slightly with parents.
Parent: “I’m sorry”.
Teacher: “I don’t think you are. You just keep saying it.”

– Sometimes when a teacher misses out on snack she becomes more grumpier.

– Sometimes when your 6 old tells you he hates you he’s “just joking”.

– Sometimes you might feel quite angry at everyone on the planet because of the actions of a few. This is neither logical or fair to the people who aren’t idiots.

– Sometimes when you go to reverse there are no cars coming and then one speeds up and toots you for reversing into what only seconds earlier was an empty street.

– Sometimes when you really want to watch the latest episode of Call the Midwife but you can’t remember the pay tv password you might decide to call it a day and go to sleep.

Let’s hope that tomorrow is better and that I don’t have to learn quite so much.



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