Nearly there…

I had a near death experience today.

Okay. That’s a slight (possibly massive) exaggeration.

When I opened a cupboard in the laundry a hack saw thingy fell on my arm.

No arteries were severed.

A rather small bruise is the evidence that anything actually happened.

But what if the saw didn’t have the cover on?

What if it had landed on my neck and severed an artery?

I sometimes (often) choose the slightly dramatic train of thought.

I googled my sore hip recently and convinced myself that my left leg is shorter than my right and that was causing the pain.

It’s not. I’m just a hypercondriac sometimes.

So back to my near death experience.

It got me to thinking that we worry more about near death than we should.

Perhaps we should be more worried about near life experiences.

Spending Thursdays in bed sleeping is a near life experience.

Keeping quiet about how you’re feeling when you’re down because it’s easier to not bother anyone is a near life experience.

Watching others do things you want to do.

Others trying new things and chasing new dreams.

They’re near life experiences.

What are your near life experiences?

Do they involve hack saws falling from the sky or are they more personal than that.

They should be easy I reckon.

Things you want to do but don’t because you’re too busy, tired, scared, lonely etc.

A movie on your own because you want to escape?

A second coffee because you want to?

Yes when you should say no?

It all keeps going and we keep going with it.

I’m going to try and have more near life experiences and do a little less hiding.



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