Same, same.

It’s Sunday afternoon here which means that my 4 day weekend is coming to an end.

Yep. Not getting a lot of sympathy for that am I?

I’m only working 3 days this year. Monday to Wednesday.

I have more time for me.

It’s awesome.

(But I still dread Monday.)

This weekend I stayed at a hotel and slept in a big bed with the softest sheets.

On Friday night I drank a hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso and felt violently ill during a fantastic play detailing the life of Etta James.

I did not vomit in my handbag as I feared so that’s a win for everyone right there.

I’ve had many naps which is a sure sign of a successful weekend.

I’ve finished one book and I’ve started another.

Summer has come back and the washing basket is empty.

It is with much sadness that I announce that I am at a stage in my life where an empty washing basket brings me much joy.

This is more like a super boring diary entry than a blog post that changes the lives of millions but I guess that’s me.

I have only a few friends that I interact with on a regular basis and I don’t think anything I’m doing will change the world anytime soon.

And that’s probably a good thing.

Who needs that sort of pressure.

This is me. Leading my ordinary life. A life revolving around eating too much chocolate and making the most of the good washing days.

Same, same and very rarely different but mine. x


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