Care much?

I can’t even begin to understand all the things I’m supposed to understand.

The world is too big.

There is too much happening.

So you kind of have to choose, don’t you?

People say that if you watch the news it’s too depressing. And it is. But not watching it is worse.

Okay it’s 2016 so when I say “watching the news” I mean reading it, streaming it, listening to it or liking it on social media.

I feel really bad that I am more likely to click on a story about chocolate than Syrian refugees.

One of these stories is easier to stomach than the other.


I hate that we can choose to not know and not care because it’s not about us.

I despise the fact that the lives of some are more valued and news worthy than others based on where they live.

People are people wherever they are.

We have so much to give and so much to be grateful for but ignorance is not only bliss but it helps you sleep at night.

I would like to know more and be able to do more but I’m just me.

I’m doing a spectacular job at being me at the moment though so I’m proud of that.

I’m well. I’m happy. I’m contributing to my own little part of the world.

I don’t know how to fix most of the problems that I do know about let alone all the ones I don’t know about.

But I wish we could be kinder.

I wish the world leaders and possible future leaders gave us hope that things might change for the better.

No advice from me today.

Well maybe a little… choose to care if you can.


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