This is not a travel blog…

I am on holidays with my family.

We traveled for over a day only to discover that the kids are just as annoying on the opposite side of the world.

And so is my husband.

I could write a travel blog of my holiday or I could write a list of the petty arguments that people have when they’re tired, out of their comfort zone, cold and under caffeinated.

Some highlights from today included a discussion as to whether or not the children should be eating food while using public restrooms.

I thought not.

Or should the wheels of the car be on the yellow line like every other car in the street.

I thought yes.

Now clearly I’m using examples where I am right as opposed to the examples my husband might imagine/make up/lie about where I was wrong.

But it’s beautiful here.

I am using words like “drongo” and phrases such as “right o mate” in an attempt to seem more glamorous and mysterious.

It’s not working.

But we are having fun.

Tomorrow is another day to explore and a renewed chance for my family to annoy me.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I’m on holidays!!!


You are my SONshine…

Sometimes emotions just jump out at you don’t they?

I’m sitting here reading a book in an indoor trampoline venue with music pumping while my two gorgeous sons are bouncing.

I just looked over at them and tears came to my eyes as I saw how big they are. Jumping, playing together and so big and independent.

Often I try not to think about how much I love them and sometimes they make it very easy for me to forget.

When I realise how much I love them though my mind does that horrible thing where worst case scenarios build up and I freak out about what it would be like if something happened to them.

It’s not something that you could ever prepare for though so I’ve learned not to think about it.

But man these boys are amazing.

I worry sometimes that I tell them I love them too much but they’re still happy to kiss me goodbye in the mornings at school so I must be doing something right.

I wish I had more time and energy just to lie on the floor with them and play board games and eat popcorn and wrestle.

More time to answer all the questions they have. The ones they usually ask when we’re in a hurry to go out and I can’t answer them properly.

Questions about volcanos and tornadoes and who they might invite to their birthday parties in 6 months time.

As a parent do you ever get to that stage when you stop looking at your kids as though they are the most amazing beings on earth?

I love how much I know them.

How their brains work.

How funny they are.

How they sing “we will rock you” together while building Lego.

I am so extremely fortunate to be a mother to two healthy children.

They are the best part of me.

And they love me.

And maybe if we all just loved our children and saw ourselves the way that they see us and love us we would all get along a little better.

Disjointed daily report…

Ahhhh workplace politics.

Always fun isn’t it?


I work with a lady who is single, has no children and currently is being paid 2 days a week to do some admin jobs.

My boss is a mother of 5 and is a volunteer.

They can’t really see each other’s point of view at the moment.

I can and it’s making my head hurt.

I had two meetings today about children with special needs.

And we had a 5th birthday party.

Needless to say everything is *wonderful.

(*Sometimes the word wonderful can be replaced with the word crap!)

It was a good day though because strangely enough we all want the same thing.

We all want the kids to be happy and to learn and to feel safe and supported.

I made a speech therapist cry today when I suggested we need to spend more time putting the care back into childcare.

I love my students and I could tell you something lovable about all of them and I’ve only known them 6 weeks.

Having said that I’m totes hanging out for school holidays in 2 weeks!!!

In other news today I may have reached a new low point in my life when I asked someone I don’t know very well if I could have a sip of their take away coffee.

Take care and be caring. xx