Disjointed daily report…

Ahhhh workplace politics.

Always fun isn’t it?


I work with a lady who is single, has no children and currently is being paid 2 days a week to do some admin jobs.

My boss is a mother of 5 and is a volunteer.

They can’t really see each other’s point of view at the moment.

I can and it’s making my head hurt.

I had two meetings today about children with special needs.

And we had a 5th birthday party.

Needless to say everything is *wonderful.

(*Sometimes the word wonderful can be replaced with the word crap!)

It was a good day though because strangely enough we all want the same thing.

We all want the kids to be happy and to learn and to feel safe and supported.

I made a speech therapist cry today when I suggested we need to spend more time putting the care back into childcare.

I love my students and I could tell you something lovable about all of them and I’ve only known them 6 weeks.

Having said that I’m totes hanging out for school holidays in 2 weeks!!!

In other news today I may have reached a new low point in my life when I asked someone I don’t know very well if I could have a sip of their take away coffee.

Take care and be caring. xx

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