This is not a travel blog…

I am on holidays with my family.

We traveled for over a day only to discover that the kids are just as annoying on the opposite side of the world.

And so is my husband.

I could write a travel blog of my holiday or I could write a list of the petty arguments that people have when they’re tired, out of their comfort zone, cold and under caffeinated.

Some highlights from today included a discussion as to whether or not the children should be eating food while using public restrooms.

I thought not.

Or should the wheels of the car be on the yellow line like every other car in the street.

I thought yes.

Now clearly I’m using examples where I am right as opposed to the examples my husband might imagine/make up/lie about where I was wrong.

But it’s beautiful here.

I am using words like “drongo” and phrases such as “right o mate” in an attempt to seem more glamorous and mysterious.

It’s not working.

But we are having fun.

Tomorrow is another day to explore and a renewed chance for my family to annoy me.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I’m on holidays!!!



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