Gablah… (Sorry if this has been published 11 gazillion times)


(This is a post written on 26/4 and published today through no fault of my own. Just another case in point for Gablah!)

I was awoken by the front door closing at 4:30am by my husband as he left for the airport. (Admittedly this was more sucky for him as he was up and out the door and I was still in bed but he did wake me up so that’s not good.)

My delightful second born son did not want to get out of bed at 6:40. He made this point very clear. He was eventually dragged out of bed and was dropped at the before school program by 7:20.

That means that I’m now running late for work and my new student teacher who started today was waiting for me. She is wonderful and lovely by the way but she required paperwork.

In the first hour of the session I was asking people to sign cheques, checking the arm of a child who had been immunised the day earlier, discussing how much filling to put in a child’s sandwich with a mum and casually pointing out to a dad that his son really needs some help with his speech.

The second hour saw one child return to the kindergarten after being away for 2 months. She took a little while to warm up to the idea of being left by her mum.

10:30 and my new additional assistant walks in and introduces herself. More paperwork. And I had to show her the fire extinguisher.

My head is full from all of this.

Lots of being super dooper friendly today. Lots of effort to make everyone else feel good.

Visited one of my parents from last year after class and had coffee with her and reminded her that she is doing a wonderful job with her special needs daughter.

Then had a meeting with a committee of volunteer parents.

It’s at this point I say “GIVE ME ALL YOUR CHOCOLATE”.

And now the kids are in bed. I’ve just had a cup o soup for dinner and I’ve created a new word.


For when “blah” isn’t enough.

I have been super nice to lots of people today. Nothing was too much trouble.

And now I’m ready to go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow because “Gablah”.

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