Hard times sometimes get better…

Here comes that small cloud floating over me. Blocking out a little bit of the sun. Leaving me feeling a little bit chilly.

Metaphorically speaking that is.

Things are okay. But they’re not perfect.

Things cannot be perfect though can they?

So things are actually far from perfect and I’m having a mid mood swing crisis.

I don’t know that I know what happy looks like so how will I know if I am happy?

Last week was so freaking full on and draining.

I was left despairing at the end and asking if it takes a village to raise a child then where is my effing village?

My husband adores me and constantly tells me what a wonderful mother I am.

Usually via text from interstate.

He travels a lot. It’s okay but it’s not. It makes my life a hell of a lot more complicated.

And while I know that he is working hard and not just swanning about in hotels ordering room service I would have killed for a good nights sleep last week.

But this is a new week.

And I am okay. Maybe even better than okay.

Because I am loved. xx

P.S My son just told me while hugging me that a hug is a symbol of like. Which has made my day.



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