Duck faced restraint…

Last night I had a dream that I was remarrying my husband.

In the dream I think we’d had a fight so decided to remarry as a grand make up gesture.

Anyways… I love the things you remember from dreams. Things that make no sense. Such as my mother insisting that I wear a red skivvy under my wedding dress to keep my arms warm.

This strange thought has made me giggle today.

I remember seeing girls at church formals wearing beige bras with their backless dresses.

And I have seen a photo of a girl wearing a bra with a strapless bridesmaid dress.

People are strange and strange things amuse me.

I spent some quality time with my 6.5 year old son today. I finished it with a headache roughly the size of the afore mentioned child.

He is precious and beautiful and lovely.

And annoying as hell.

We went to my nieces birthday party on a farm today and I didn’t take a duck face selfie with a duck so I am obviously a better person that I used to be.

That could actually be on my resume it is such an accomplishment.

It’s Saturday night and I am the first one in family in my pjs.

So today was a win.


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