Resting thoughts…

What is your resting brain thinking?

Sometimes when my brain winds down from thinking a billion other things it rests on dark thoughts.

My psychologist said that you don’t just stop having dark thoughts but that you can stop acting on them.

So I can function well all day and then when I’m all peaceful and such these thoughts come back.

I hope that one day these resting thoughts will be more pleasant but it’s strange isn’t it?

My default setting is still a little on the crazy side.

I wouldn’t mind having a reset button.

Just a clean slate brain dump.

I’ve been drinking lots of healthy juices. Cleansing my tummy.

(FYI Those kale smoothies tastes like crap.)

Would be nice to cleanse my thoughts. Go back to when things were easy and light.

I’m doing really well.

I’m quite happy and full of energy. (Probably because of the juices.)

I’m okay. I hope you’re okay too and that your resting thoughts are gentle and kind to you.



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