Crouching Tiger, hiding cervix…

Well obviously I’m trying to attract new readers with quirky blog titles.

How’s it working so far?

Today I failed my Pap Smear. My doctor couldn’t find my cervix. To her credit she sure tried hard. Had 3 fun filled goes but couldn’t find it.



I like to think it makes me a woman of mystery. It’s cool how your insides can hide and move around.

Today I also had a meeting with a financial planner who slurped his coffee strangely and laughed too loud.

So all in all it was not the best day.

But I made biscuits and slice.

I had an afternoon nap.

I read my book in the bath.

I FaceTimed my mum and had some serious snuggle time with my boys.

My son and I had an in depth conversation about red hyper super giant stars. We he told me stuff and I believed him because at 6 he’s already significantly smarter than me.

I am happy and warm.

I’m very blessed and I know it.



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