Little Miss fix it…

I am a people pleaser.

And probably not in the good way.

More of a “please let me inconvenience myself to the point of exhaustion to show you how much I can help you” way.

I want so much to make everyone okay.

To fix them.

To prove how much I like them and value them.

The thought of letting someone down fills me with dread.

I need to be all things to all people.

Except that I actually know that I don’t. Or rather that I can’t.

It’s probably why I spend so much time napping. When I’m asleep I don’t worry as much.

I’m thinking of hiring a photographer to come and take photos of me while I’m sleeping. To see what I look like when I’m relaxed.

But I’d have to warn my family first. Leave a spare key in the red boot. And make sure I’m not dribbling too much.

One of my very dear friends (who is actually one my best friends mum) told me I mustn’t feel guilty about sleeping. That has helped.

I showed her my rash on my tummy today and she said to stop scratching. She is wise.

Mohammed Ali was the Greatest Of All Time. Which means that I don’t need to be.

I will never be GOAT.

I just want to make everything okay for everyone.

I don’t want there to be pain and sadness in the world but there is.

I can’t fix that.

I am not enough.

I should probably stop trying so hard.

And go to sleep instead.


P.S Now I’m worried that this post makes me sound like I think am awesome and that the world can’t turn without my assistance. I know that there are many people who do make a genuine difference to a lot of people and I wish that I could do that while still juggling my life. xo

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