Meditating to sleep…

“Let’s begin this meditation with the expectation of letting go of everything.”

This is the sentence I listen to every evening as I try to go to sleep.

I put on my eye mask, insert my ear plugs and then pump up the meditation.

My husband falls asleep the second he closes his eyes.

My nearly 9 year old son is the same as his dad with the added bonus of falling asleep as soon as the car goes over 80 for more than five minutes.

If he had been on the bus in the movie Speed he would have slept through the whole thing.

My six year old on the other hand is like me. He needs to be persuaded to sleep physically. Patting his face, saying soothing things and reminding him the one of the key things to sleep is to keep his eyes closed.

Last night I woke up dreaming that spiders were crawling all over my face.

I made myself stay awake and tried to change my thoughts.

I was woken again at 4am as one of my sons had set an alarm on the iPad.

iPads to be banned indefinitely.

For someone who likes sleep so much it doesn’t come easily to me.

So as the meditation says “try to let go of everything”.

Try not to think about work and the issues that come with working with children, their parents and an all female staff whose bosses are untrained volunteers.

Try not to worry about my kids and all the things I do wrong.

To not to stress about dinner, food shopping and why I bought 2 lots of conditioner and no shampoo today.

Try and let go and ignore the snoring and rocking of the man next to me.

And if in doubt remember that the only good thing about having a super dooper runny nose and cold is the night time cold and flu tablets.

Pop two in mouth, wash down with water and in the words of the Frozen Queen “let it go”.


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