1,440 minutes to go.

Earlier this afternoon, well at 3:56 pm to be precise I asked my kids how many minutes it was until bedtime.

I then reminded the kids that because we woke up early this morning and we’d need to wake up early again tomorrow morning that bedtime was at 7:30.

Not negotiable.

They tried.

I then calculated that it was 214 minutes until bedtime.

Since then I have felt and lived (auto correct changed that to loved, what does it think I’m crazy) every single minute.

I’ve done a food shop that included ice creams, custard, Minions tictacs and tennis balls.

Funnily enough I just wanted to buy bananas and almond milk.

I’ve made small pikelets for afternoon tea and large pancakes to be reheated for breakfast in the morning.

Pancakes on a school morning are a shameless incentive to be dressed and ready to go before 7am.

I’ve made and packed the school lunches.

I cooked a healthy dinner for the kids and a healthier one for me.

I’ve swept up corn that was flicked across the room at dinner time and a couple of peas that were hiding from last nights dinner.

I vacuumed up the glass from the little hour glass that broke when my 6 year old thought he’d help me by sweeping in a ferocious manner.

I have school clothes and work clothes laid out for the morning.

I’ve done the dishes and put on a load of washing to hang out after the boys are asleep.

I feel like I am my own hero.

I get stuff done.

I am also slightly O.C.D and my house has never looked better.

I am also now worrying that I myself will fall asleep before the 7:30 bedtime allotted to the small people.

My own 7:45pm bedtime is looking like an achievable goal though.

I am as organised and as tired as I can be.

Now to actually enforce the going to bed bit without turning into a tired, screaming witch like creature.

I have 10 minutes to go.

Then I have to listen to my 6 year old read, listen my 8 year old whinge that he never gets to go in my bed and listen again to the 6 year old now complaining that it’s hard for him to go to sleep.

And if all else fails I’ll play dead and wait for them to start snoring.

The good news is that I get to do it all again at the same time tomorrow.

Or in just 1,440 minutes.



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