Then a hero comes along… (Sorry for the ear worm)

In my last post I mentioned that I’m my own hero.

(You were probably too busy to read it so just trust me.)

I mentioned it jokingly at the time in reference to completing household chores.

That somehow by washing clothes, dishes and children on a fairly regular basis I am a hero.

Or my own hero to be precise.

I am getting things done.

Things that I need to have done.

I am doing it because when my husband travels a lot for work (and if I’m honest quite often when he’s home) I’m the only one who does stuff.

I keep things clean and calm with minimal fuss and only the occasional breakdown.

I am fueled by chocolate and coffee.

I can do anything. And everything. Because I have to.

I received an email at work today.

This is not that remarkable apart from the fact that I am the only person at work who checks the email.

That knows how to log on to the computer.

Actually even just knows how to turn it on.

Where it’s plugged in.

Where the fuse box is… you get my point.

So anyway, fantastic news! We are having a wonderful and talented (who the hell am I kidding they won’t read this, I don’t need to be nice) person front the Education Department come out to assess our service.

This is the biggest thing that can happen to a preschool.

The “how to” guide on filling out the Quality Improvement Plan is 28 pages long.

*Insert moderate to high level curse word here.*

It falls to me to complete this glorious task, during my upcoming school holidays because once again I’m the only one who can do it.

I lol’d when I read the email and I very rarely lol.

Bring it on!

Much like Lieutenant Dan challenging God on the shrimp boat in Forest Gump.

(Obscure enough for ya?)

Bring it on I say.

Bring it all on.

In fact bring it all on at once with a 2 week deadline.

It’s quite surprising what you can do sometimes.

I’m a little bit proud of my ability not to fall apart yet.

I usually save that for the lulls though. During times of peak panic and peril I am a rock.

I’m my own rock right now.

Taking care of business.

Clicking my fingers in a poor attempt at sass.

Bring it on.



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