Last night I dreamt that I was riding my brothers yellow motor bike without a license and with no idea of how to ride a motor bike.

Please note my brother doesn’t own a yellow motor bike.

I didn’t have a bike helmet so I wore a shower cap instead.

Please note that a shower cap is a poor choice of safety head wear.

I accidentally left the motor bike on a bus and was quite upset in the dream because my brother would be angry with me.

Please note if that had happened he would have been within his rights to be angry. And who takes a motor bike on a bus anyway?

On the bus I was sitting next to one of the main female characters from Game of Thrones who in real life was a man and an identical twin.

Please note that I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones because I’m a little bit scared of the violence and probably the nudity too.

My dream made no sense on so many levels.

But my real life doesn’t always make much more sense.

I seemed to lose hours of my day today as the kids played on iPads and I had nothing to do.

I read so many online articles that I went from stupid to wise and back again.

I have such vivid dreams that they freak me out.

Maybe it’s the meds. It must be the meds. Because they’re so real.

I would love someone to interpret them and to reassure me that I’m normal.

Well not necessarily normal but more like others than I feel sometimes.

I’m neither lost not found at the moment, just in limbo.

Like a ridiculously uncoordinated person stuck under a limbo stick with some sort of back condition.

Well there we have yet another disjointed post that goes nowhere.

You’re welcome.


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