Low flame blessings…

Next time I say I wish I could sleep for a week I’ll preface it by saying without a chest infection and pulled muscle.

I’ve coughed up the equivalent of Slimer from the Ghost Busters movies.

As the saying goes there’s no business like phlegm business. Or something like that.

Too much information?

My husband stayed home to look after me today. Which was really just an excuse to get more work done at home than if he’d had to drive 2 hours to a work meeting.

I asked him to peel and grate a carrot and zucchini for the bolognese sauce. He came and showed me the carrot and zucchini after he’d sliced them into pieces and asked how he was supposed to grate them now.

This is the same man who claims his secret recipe for stir fry is mayonnaise.

I did not marry him for his cooking skills.

Which leaves me wondering if it would be in poor taste (pardon the pun) to give him a voucher for a cooking school for a Father’s Day gift.

Or is it the equivalent of the time my Dad gave my Mum a toaster for her birthday?

(They are no longer married.)

Speaking of my Mum the last time she came to visit she told me how lucky I was to have a gas cook top that could be turned down so low.

And I am lucky and I must remember that.

It’s a funny thing to be envious of but I guess we’re all blessed in different ways.

But as I write this from my sick bed I know I’m also so blessed in many other ways.

I’m blessed to have access to a good health system, clean running water and a warm bed with fresh sheets.

I know there are atrocities taking place everyday all over the world.

I sometimes wish I didn’t know.

Would it be easier to live off the grid and be ignorant of the wider world or is the desire to be ignorant worse than being ignorant in the first place?

I’m not sure.

Time to take another tablet and have another nap in my bed in my house with my wonderful gas stove that can be turned down so low.

Lucky me. xx

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