Discourse discontent…

Oh my golly goodness gosh.

I could insert a rant here and get some serious hurts that I have off my chest.

But I won’t.

Because there is enough bloody whinging going on in the world.

And by whinging I don’t mean people protesting against issues that need to be heard and atrocities that only seem to be fixed when enough people say enough.

I’m talking about Facebook groups where people complain about school car parking.

Naming and shaming with gay abandon.

I’m talking about people on Twitter who don’t have anything nice to say EVER. And yes I know the whole point of Twitter is to give a voice to those who would be too scared to ever say the vile filth they type anonymously in real life.

But it honestly all just breaks me sometimes.

There is so much pulling down.

So much pointing out faults.

Constant disagreements with strangers while using poor punctuation.

I actively avoid confrontation.

It scares me.

I don’t want to upset anyone or be misconstrued or offensive to a minority I don’t even know exists so I keep quiet.

I do not have the strength to fight the feedback or engage with others in the comments section so instead I abstain.

I mean I rant in my head and roll my eyes as much as the next person when someone posts something vague or cryptic but my skin is now too thin.

Strangely enough having thin skin doesn’t effect my weight when it comes to the scales.

There was a time when people could agree to disagree.

And had open minds.

And could listen to someone else without the need to publicly correct and humiliate them.

Kindness is lacking.

Or maybe it’s not.

But it would be nice if being right wasn’t the main purpose of every interaction.

If winning wasn’t everything.

Spread love.

Or spread butter and honey on your crumpets, make yourself a hot drink and ignore the crazy conversations of others for a bit.



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