Where there’s smoke…

My son had a sore leg.

I couldn’t find a heat bag so I microwaved a small towel instead and now the house smells like smoke.

But thankfully there was no fire.

Just a small analogy to sum up my life at the moment. Also a true fact of where my brain is at right now.

Perhaps I should have slightly moistened it first?

I am making some poor choices while being scrutinised for big ones.

Yesterday at work we had our 3 yearly assessment and rating done.

Every time the lady asked who was responsible for something, for example fees, enrollments, policies and every single other thing the answer was ME.

The lady gently interrogated me for an hour and a half before the session started and then took notes for the next 5 hours while the kids were there.

During that 5 hours we had 2 separate biting incidents, a child pushed from the top of the slide and I had to make a lengthy phone call.

It was one of the worst days ever but she saw us all coping our best and she told me how good I was at staying calm.

Ha! Staying calm in the middle of a hurricane of 4 year olds is the most physically and mentally draining thing that I do.

Making up and implementing strategy after strategy when all of the previous ones fail but knowing hiding in the bathroom for more than 3 minutes is not an option.

(The previous paragraph goes for parenting/marriage at home too.)

So I survived Monday only to wake up on Tuesday bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t Wednesday and closer to the weekend.

Things happen, life happens and sometimes you end up singeing a tea towel in the microwave.

The house didn’t burn down but it smells of smoke.

Nobody died but we’re not operating at optimal capacity either.

It’s not that bad but not that good.



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