Say “cheese”…

Today was Kinder photo day.

My only rule for the day was that none of the kids were allowed to look better than me.

Although considering I was greeted yesterday by one parent telling me how tired I looked, perhaps that rule wasn’t fair to the fresh faced 4 year olds that I teach.

I wore lipstick today and was asked more than 40 times why I had paint on my mouth.

The kids came in their best clothes and the photographer wanted pictures of the kids painting but not in smocks so all the staff were slightly on edge.

I had an idea that perhaps all the staff should have their photos taken on the trikes or going down the slide.

This idea was quickly shot down by my colleagues.

It got me thinking though that perhaps we can all have a little bit more fun.

Be a little bit sillier.

Climb the monkey bars.

Paint rainbows.

Jump in the mud.

Play kiss chasey (in a non threatening or sexually harassing way).

Roll a sausage out of play dough.

Make a sandcastle.

Laugh loudly at fart noises.

Ignore adults when they call your name over 400 times.

Okay not that last one although I can totally understand why kids do that and sometimes wish that I could too.

So my lesson for today is try and have more fun. Embrace the silly. Giggle whenever someone says the word bottom.

And hope like hell that the big pimple on the side of your nose isn’t too obvious in this years Kinder photo.



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