So tell me you want what you really, really want…

So my last post was a bit whiny at the start wasn’t it?

How boring is a whiny 30 something (late 30 something) wanna be blogger?

Quite boring I hear you say and yes, I agree.

So not today.

Today is about reading a quirky romance book in a sunlit room.

Today is about lasagne and chocolate brownies.

Today was about clearing out the wardrobe and getting rid of “things”.

It’s time for less things and more moments.

It’s time to put myself first… or at least third for a while.

It’s time to stop doing and start being.

It’s time to talk all wanky like.

(Well no it’s not but sometimes it’s totes unavoidable.)

I resigned from my job.

But I’m so good at running the place that nobody important came in to read my letter.

Kind of like the tree falling in the forest.

I think I’m the tree in that analogy.

I saw a funny meme on Facebook about someone who stays awake all day without having a nap pulling an all dayer.

I want to have the headspace to pull more all dayers.

I want to breathe underwater.

I want to fly.

I want to eat as much as I like and never put on weight.

Some of the things I want are impossible.

But some aren’t. xx

How to say nice things… and some not!

And I’d just like to take this opportunity to congratulate my husband on getting to 100 nights of travel for the year in October.

He still has another 6 weeks of travel booked for this year so who knows how many nights he’ll get to.

We’re all so proud of him.

(I’ve finished rolling my eyes now and removed the sarcastic tone from my inner voice.)

It’s okay. It’s probably okay. It’s possibly okay. It’s not really okay.

He’s home this week and thanks to the lovely topsy turvy weather we’re having the whole family has sore throats and colds.

It’s nice to do something together as a family.

(Ouch. That was harsh. I’ll stop now. We love him but it’s a weird way to live.)

Okay here’s a different topic.

I’ve been asked by at least 6 people in the past few months to be a referee for them for when they apply for jobs.

What does that say about me?

I’m thinking it means that I must say a lot of nice things or that I give a lot of positive encouragement so that’s nice.

Either that or people think I’m a good liar?

But I’m happy to say nice things.

In fact I’ll write a blanket statement for you to insert your name into and share with future employers/tinder dates.

“In my experience (insert name here) has shown themselves to be a joy to be around and privilege to spend time with. I wish them well on their future endeavors and know that they will achieve great things.”

It’s a funny old world isn’t it?

I’m quite happy to say that people know I have nice things to say about them.

I mean them too.

You’re nice. I like you. Keep it up.


6 words…

Be Silly.

Be Honest.

Be Kind.

That’s what the poster on the back of my bedroom door says.

Well the first one is easy enough. I’m silly enough for everyone in the world twice over.

It’s why I work with children. It’s why I dance to the music in the supermarket. It’s why my kids are embarrassed. (Big smileys emoji for the last one.)

I’m kind too. I know that. I’m kind and I care. I like that about me. I’m kind because it costs nothing and it feels awesome to make someone else feel good.

I like giving random compliments to strangers. I like telling my friends how much I love them. I like being there for people because that’s my kind of kind.

Be honest is the one I struggle with. Because eh, ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can be honest for a bit and then it gets boring and you’re better off just smiling and shrugging and going with the flow.

If I was honest the boat would be rocking so hard but the boat is the still despite the waves around it.

Are people still honest or are we all just being better versions of ourselves and avoiding the honest?

I don’t know.

And I honestly mean that.


Back to reality…

“Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity”…

School holidays are over and my husband is back to traveling a lot.

He’s only home on Saturday for the next 2 weeks. That’s 6 days of the week for me to rule the world and one day for me to flake out and probably snap a bit about how I’m the only one putting away the washing.

My head throbs thinking about it all.

I took a mum from my preschool to visit a special school for her son on Wednesday and she told me how she couldn’t survive without her family’s support.

She said she speaks to her dad and her mum at least 5 times a day.

She has a lot of support. Her husband works for her brother and her parents baby sit nearly every day.

I don’t have that.

A lot of people don’t.

But I kind of wish I did.

I get lonely doing it all on my own.

I’d like to be looked after a little bit too.

My husband’s flight home tonight has been delayed so I’m in bed watching Sleepless in Seattle and feeling slightly smug because I’ve had a good week.

The boys and I are happy. Apart from the 7 year old questioning why he needs to have baths and what would happen if he didn’t do poo anymore.

There are daily dilemmas that I see coming and can duck under and swat away with ease.

Didn’t have any of the other kind this week. The problems that jump out from the shadows and kick you in the teeth.

My teeth are in tact and so is my sanity.

And tomorrow I’m sleeping in.