How to say nice things… and some not!

And I’d just like to take this opportunity to congratulate my husband on getting to 100 nights of travel for the year in October.

He still has another 6 weeks of travel booked for this year so who knows how many nights he’ll get to.

We’re all so proud of him.

(I’ve finished rolling my eyes now and removed the sarcastic tone from my inner voice.)

It’s okay. It’s probably okay. It’s possibly okay. It’s not really okay.

He’s home this week and thanks to the lovely topsy turvy weather we’re having the whole family has sore throats and colds.

It’s nice to do something together as a family.

(Ouch. That was harsh. I’ll stop now. We love him but it’s a weird way to live.)

Okay here’s a different topic.

I’ve been asked by at least 6 people in the past few months to be a referee for them for when they apply for jobs.

What does that say about me?

I’m thinking it means that I must say a lot of nice things or that I give a lot of positive encouragement so that’s nice.

Either that or people think I’m a good liar?

But I’m happy to say nice things.

In fact I’ll write a blanket statement for you to insert your name into and share with future employers/tinder dates.

“In my experience (insert name here) has shown themselves to be a joy to be around and privilege to spend time with. I wish them well on their future endeavors and know that they will achieve great things.”

It’s a funny old world isn’t it?

I’m quite happy to say that people know I have nice things to say about them.

I mean them too.

You’re nice. I like you. Keep it up.


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