So tell me you want what you really, really want…

So my last post was a bit whiny at the start wasn’t it?

How boring is a whiny 30 something (late 30 something) wanna be blogger?

Quite boring I hear you say and yes, I agree.

So not today.

Today is about reading a quirky romance book in a sunlit room.

Today is about lasagne and chocolate brownies.

Today was about clearing out the wardrobe and getting rid of “things”.

It’s time for less things and more moments.

It’s time to put myself first… or at least third for a while.

It’s time to stop doing and start being.

It’s time to talk all wanky like.

(Well no it’s not but sometimes it’s totes unavoidable.)

I resigned from my job.

But I’m so good at running the place that nobody important came in to read my letter.

Kind of like the tree falling in the forest.

I think I’m the tree in that analogy.

I saw a funny meme on Facebook about someone who stays awake all day without having a nap pulling an all dayer.

I want to have the headspace to pull more all dayers.

I want to breathe underwater.

I want to fly.

I want to eat as much as I like and never put on weight.

Some of the things I want are impossible.

But some aren’t. xx


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