Not forlorned…

Come at me world.

Bring it on.

I’m ready for you.

No really, please come at me and explain how 3D printers work because I cannot comprehend it.

But seriously it’s all very real right now isn’t it?

This thing we call life.

I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls specials and so now I can’t brain properly but I’m saying all of this super fast in my head.

Last week I went interstate for the day.

It was too much.

I am not that person. Except for when I am.

It was too much to fly 2 hours north and then drive one hour south just to watch one hour of a radio program and then eat ice cream on the beach.

It is too opulent.

I felt like a rich brat but on points.

I don’t quite know how to live and walk the line where I can have these crazy days and do too much while others have nothing.

You know how when you were younger you talked things up. This cost $100 it was so expensive.

Now it’s embarrassing. This old thing? I bought it at the Op Shop, ON SALE!

I proclaim to not want things and then I have crazy days and moments and privileges that others don’t.

I am not a conundrum.

I am just getting ready for my midlife crisis.

No, not really but I do need to learn to say no.

I may have already agreed to become an au-pair and a teacher of phonics to 10 year olds next year.

This is who I am.

My tastebuds have changed again. Like the seasons.

I’ve gone off chocolate.

I repeat I’ve gone off chocolate.

Last night I made sugar free banana muffins.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

And that’s okay too.



“Being forlorned is not forearmed.”

(That obviously makes no sense but I made it up and now I think it’s a thing.)

P.P.S I think I’m hilarious but deep. Just in case you were wondering.


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