Christmas musings…

And now for my Annual Christmas Message.

Well it would be weird if it was more than annual wouldn’t it.

And now for my Quarterly Christmas Message. Nah. Not the same.

Now do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well today I made vegan Christmas ice cream made with bananas and dates instead of cream.

That’s actually the good news and the bad news.

That’s all my news.

Tomorrow my boys will wake (hopefully after 6) and look to see what Santa has brought.

Wasn’t sure that we’d still be believing this year.

But as Santa says it’s better to be a believer than a belieber.

So here I am on Christmas Eve with the air conditioner on and contemplating a nudie midnight swim.

I love Christmas but I hate the inequality of it.

How big and flashy it is.

How when you’re hosting a Christmas Carols on TV you need to change dresses 3 times.

Well not me personally but you know what I mean.

We have so much and we’re so blessed and I desperately don’t want my kids to grow up taking that for granted.

So many things.

But here is my grown up Christmas wish…

I would like more empathy and compassion and kindness on earth.

Random acts of niceness just because.

Quiet chats with strangers about what colour ham is best to buy and whether you should get the loin or the end bit that’s all fatty.

Simple conversations with people you don’t know about their reindeer earrings and if they’re heavy and if they get stuck on things. (She reassured me that they didn’t.)

And maybe just a little bit of realising that even though the grass may be greener over there our own grass only looks dodgy because it’s been played on so much by people that we love.

I know people go on and on and on about gratitude and honestly I’d be grateful if they just shut up sometimes but being grateful is free and makes you feel good and helps you find the good.

So this Christmas be grateful for me.

Or something else. Yeah probably something else.

Wishing you and yours a very grateful Christmas.



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