Short Mach to go…

This morning I stubbed my toe while carrying my coffee.

It spilt everywhere including on a tv remote control which later was pronounced dead.

As I saw the coffee flying in slow motion I became even more convinced that my first shot of coffee for the day should be injected intravenously before I get up.

Possibly into my eyeballs just to be safe. (Having said that I’m not sure it is safe to inject things into your eyeballs.)

My room now smells like the undrunk coffee that only an hour ago was dripping down the wall. It’s taunting me.

This is me on my holidays.

My holidays that don’t actually have an end date because I have no job to return to.

There will many more coffees consumed. There will be reading and napping and possibly even showering if required.

This is the life.

Hope yours is good too.



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