Adventures over…


I’m back home now. I’m still wearing the hotel slippers though. I’m acclimatising to life being back home after my holiday.

I was a little put out today when nobody made me banana pancakes for breakfast.

Bali was lovely most of the time.

I still seemed to be in charge of ordering meals and taking care of laundry and making sure that everyone stayed alive.

When I say making sure everyone stayed alive I also meant a stranger in a book shop.

There was a man who knocked over some books and then collapsed on the ground and then started fitting.

Turns out Balinese book shop staff are not that equipped for first aid emergencies.

Me on the other hand. I propped up his head with a bag to stop in banging on the hard tile floor.

I checked that the frothing in his mouth wasn’t obscuring his breathing.

I checked his bum bag/fanny pack (both terms equally awful) for any medication or sign that his seizure was due to a medical condition.

The four shop assistants were running around for water and didn’t seem to know how to call an ambulance or a doctor.

Another lady stepped in and we became a team.

She told me to check for his name and I did.

It was Gilles and he was French.

Now picture me leaning over this large frothing man trying to pronounce Gilles 15 different ways.

We got him a drink of water and a cool towel and we decided that it was probably just an extreme case of dehydration.

I knew he was better when he started picking his nose.

Once we had him sitting up and conscious I had to go and meet my family. I was hot and flustered.

I thought I was okay but found it hard to sleep that night.

But all cool eh? My first aid training came back to me and I was super girl but with my undies on the inside.

A few days later we saw a couple crash their motorbike into the curb nearby. Lots of other people rushed to help them so I got to walk away.

Bali was fun but an adventure.

The kids mosquito bites are starting to stop itching and I’ve gotten over my fear that they have contracted the Zika virus.

So I have to make my own breakfast in this morning and I have a slight phobia of book shops now but it’s nice to be home.



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