Paying for pain…

I had a horrible nights sleep last night.

My darling 7 year old son came into bed with me just after midnight and proceeded to smother me while almost pushing me out of bed and stealing all the blanket.

Thankfully my mum was visiting and took the kids to the movies. I was supposed to go to but decided to stay home and sleep.

After an hour of solid sleep I awoke and went to get a massage from the local shops.

I’ve had a sore shoulder for a while and quick massage usually makes it feel better.

I told the large lady masseuse that my right shoulder was sore and she proceeded to nearly pull my arm off my body.

Sometimes she was just one handed seemingly pushing my bones from the back of my body through my chest.

Half way through the massage I closed my eyes. Not because it felt nice but because I thought I’d be dead when it was over and it’s not classy to die with your eyes open.

At the end instead of doing the karate chop things on my back she just seemed to slap me all over.

Then I paid $20 and she gave me a card because if you keep coming back you get $5 off your 6th massage.

I think I’d be dead by the 6th massage.

So it was a strangely not relaxing afternoon.

And if the kid gets out of his bed tonight there will be trouble.

Or I’ll just write an equally whingey post for you all tomorrow.



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