It’s laundry time…

I have made the decision that life is not like a box of chocolates.

(Especially when you mysteriously went of chocolate 6 weeks ago.)

Life is like a load of washing you hang out to dry when there’s a chance of rain.

It might not dry but it definitely won’t dry if you leave it in the machine. (In fact it will go all funny smelling and possibly moldy.)

There’s also the fact that even if it rains for days the clothes will eventually dry.

Unless you live in Bergen, Norway where it rains over 300 days a year.

This life analogy is not for you. You should stick to the box of chocolates theory. Although weather wise you probably do know what you’re going to get.

Now at last check I had 0 followers from Norway so let’s go back to ignoring them and focusing on me.

As of next week I am officially unemployed. I resigned in December but the school holidays are almost over and I have no school to go back to.

No new children to meet. No names to learn and no parents that I must force myself not to roll my eyes at.

Come next week I will be a lady of leisure.

2017 is my year of hanging out the washing on a cloudy day and seeing if dries.

I’m going to go out and do things.

Not sure what things but things will be done.

I will dedicate a portion of my day to breathing deeply. Not a big portion mind you because I’ll be so busy doing the things.

So to you and to you and all that are afar off (but not in Norway) I wish you well.

Love me. xx


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