Life update..

Every now and then I like to share a quick list of things that I know and things that I don’t know.

I now declare that it’s that time again.

Things I know number one…

My husband is not a morning person. This was far less obvious when he was traveling a lot for work.

Just in case you ever run into my husband before 8am you should remember to not speak to him or make direct eye contact.

If he grunts at you it’s best to smile and wish him a pleasant day.

A consequence of this discovery is that I get the kids ready before I go to work and he looks after the dreaded bed time so it’s really not such a bad thing.

Things I know number two.

Sometimes you get bitten on the chin by a small child at work.

This is far more likely if you actually work with children.

It hurt a bit and I informed the child’s mum at pick up time and showed her the bruise on my face.

Then I felt bad because as the mother of a child with special needs things will never be easy for her and he will need her to look after him forever.

And forever is a long time after my bruise will have faded.

Things I know number three.

I have never known any of the people on the Crime Stoppers pictures. I feel that this is really hampering my efforts to help the community and contribute to catching criminals.

However it does spare me a lot of paperwork and possibly a stint as a witness in a murder trial.

Things I don’t know…

I don’t know where my friend got her lovely wooden spoons with the silicone handle tips.

I’ve googled them but I can’t find them. I should probably just ask her.

I should also feel rather smug at the fact that locating silicone handled wooden spoons are my biggest dilemma at the moment.

Things are going well.

I’m tired from this whole getting up, going to work and being forced to drink fake Nespresso pod coffee thing.

But I’m thrilled that I can wear my lovely blue overalls and my shoes with the flowers on them and get paid to spend time talking and listening to children.

The kids and their comments delight me.

A little girl (probably my favourite) told me she saw seven people get aten by sharks at a swimming pool.

While I was talking about how my grandfather fought in World War 2 she was far more interested in how old he was when he died and what he died from.

Kids are blunt, unfiltered and silly.

Much like me.

And that’s a quick recap of what I know and what I don’t know. xx


Quiet night in…

Hi! It’s me.

Obviously. Unless someone cut off my right thumb and used it open my phone just to write another slightly above average blog post.

Now I’ve started off in a self deprecating matter and I would apologise about that but I’ve been told that I apologise too much so I won’t.

Anyway what right do I have to come across self deprecating when I still have both my thumbs?

Now I’m worried that I don’t actually know what self deprecating means and that there’s a very good chance I’m using it in the wrong context.

Shall I digress and move on?

Actually there’s not that much to move on to.

It’s the end of the school holidays here and I’ve had a lovely time sleeping in and having naps in the afternoon.

I have baked and cleaned and felt like quite the domestic goddess.

I’ve listened to a lot of old Counting Crows and Crowded House because my old phone died and I’ve been stuck with music from the past on an iPod mini.

We’ve all got fresh sheets and clean pjs tonight in our house and it’s the little luxuries like that which please me.

I watched a sad movie tonight. “Me before you” needed to be rewatched before I could start reading the sequel.

I remember now why I don’t watch sad movies.

Tomorrow we will drive 2 hours to a friends house near the beach where I will read and drink coffee and hopefully get a chance to admire the stars without city lights and tell how fantastic I think they are.

Our house is full of chocolate and the Easter bunny hasn’t even been yet. So much chocolate and I’m not eating any of it.

A 4 day long weekend with the family. I know things will go wrong and there will be arguments but hopefully there will be laughter too.

On Tuesday I go back to work at my old Pre-School. Filling in for one of the new teachers for 3 weeks. I’m nervous about working again. I’m still involved in some of the issues from the past and I’m sure I’ll be sick of the politics of the place before lunch.

I’m also worried that I’ll need to pee too often during class. I’ve forgotten how teachers need to ration their pees for the end of class.

Anyway in summary I’ve just watched a sad movie in the dark with a lavender candle burning. I adore the smell of lavender but it made the movie even sadder.

I’ve just had 2 hours of peace in a house that’s filled with noises and bangs and couch cushion obstacle courses.

It’s making the most of what you’ve got isn’t it?

Taking the quiet when you can and feeling something that you choose to feel.

The candle has been blown out now. The smoke detector didn’t go off because it got taken down the other day after blowing out a different candle.

I’m in bed reading the sequel to the movie and feeling melancholy and stillness.

Good night everyone. Stay safe.