Day 3…

Soooo… it’s the third day of the new year and so far it’s not too dissimilar from the old year.

I am on holidays because I am a teacher and it’s summer in Australia. I am also sharing my holidays with my children which makes them significantly less relaxing and lot more sticky.

My kids are older though now so I get to sleep in while they are playing games (that I’m not adequately supervising) on their iPads.

Today we went to visit a friend and her 11 month old baby. In another world that baby would have been my boys half brother but the egg transfer didn’t work and that’s okay because we’re still friends and she’s a wonderful mum.

On New Years Day I asked my family if they had made any New Years resolutions. My husband hadn’t and my kids didn’t know what there were.

I told my boys that their goal for 2018 is to clean up after themselves better.

I told my husband to learn to cook more dishes than just reheating bolognese sauce and boiling pasta.

My resolution was obviously to be less controlling of my family.

Oh well.

The other day my husband asked me why I was having a nap during the day and said he thought that I sleep too much.

I would have walked out the door and left him for good except for the fact that I was in my pj’s and was still very tired.

Instead we had a lovely polite discussion about not judging people in their own home.

The last 2 days though I’ve had an upset stomach and nausea. And no it’s not a raging hangover from New Years Eve because a) I don’t drink and b) I was in bed by 8pm on December 31.

I’ve worked out that I may have taken too much milk thistle. My amazingly beautiful and kind sister in law is a Kinesiologist and suggested I take milk thistle.

I think I may have had too much though and as a result saw in the New Year with a milk thistle overdose.

Things that they don’t warn you about in the health food shop hey and yes for those wondering I did try some kombulcha stuff but that didn’t work either.

And now it’s the evening on the 3rd of the year and I’m finally feeling better.

I’ve had fresh air, my bare feet on green grass and I seem to be on streak when it comes to correct coffee bean grinding and tamping.

I am well.

I hope you are too.