All the nice words and some bonus flowers…

Hello everyone!

How are we doing today?

Great. Now back to me.

This week I’ve received many, many compliments and kind words.

I’ve been arguing a lot with my husband who has been sick, but not resting and choosing instead to share his germs around. Love is love.

Back to the good stuff though.

On Monday at work two children vomited. The first was clear and straight forward. The second was disgusting and has put me off strawberries for a while.

The first vomit occurred in my classroom and we cleaned that one up quickly with minimal shouting for a bucket and debating the need to run sometimes even though there is a no running inside rule.

The second was a boy from the other class but with the two teachers in there dry reaching at the thought of the offending vom I volunteered to clean it up. I donned a purple mask and blue gloves and disinfected every surface of the bathroom.

The next day my colleague brought me flowers to say thank you. They have affectionately been dubbed vomit flowers and look lovely in my room.

On Tuesday while playing outside a small boy with excellent hair went to kick a soccer ball but slipped and kicked his shoe over the back fence.

After quickly discovering that we could not reach the shoe and despite the boy with excellent hair saying not to worry about it as his mum could just get him some new shoes I got in my car and drove to the back neighbours. I knocked on the door and explained the situation and the shoe was back at the preschool before I was.

As I walked into the room a little girl grabbed my hand and told me I was such a kind person for getting the shoe back. Genuine kind words from a child who appreciated what I had done. So sweet. #mademyday

On Tuesday night I had a seriously lovely message on messenger from a friend telling me that she loves me and thinks I’m ace. I naturally accused her of sending a chain mail scam and thought she might have been hacked. But no. Genuine kind words again without the pressure of something bad happening in 48 hours if I didn’t resend the message to 5 friends.

So many kind words.

People saying thanks and acknowledging me and what I’m doing is a little bit hard to take but lovely.

So the message here is to say the nice words, be genuine with your friends and give vomit flowers when necessary.

Some people are awful but lots of them aren’t.