Yesterday was plain awful… (bonus points if you know what movie that’s from before your read the post)

Well hello real world!

Things had been going a little too smoothly for a while so it came as no surprise this week when I got thrown under the bus.

I’m okay. The driver saw me and slowed down in time so I’m not road kill just wounded.

This is all a really bad metaphor of course.

I’m fine.

One of the parents brought me a take away coffee at the end of the session. Another friend made me delicious Greek biscuits last night. People are still bringing me food and drink without me asking so I must be doing something right.

But hey it always hurts when someone you’ve liked for years isn’t so nice to you.

It’s harder too when you know that the person is grieving and you know they’re a good person and so you try and take the massive breach of privacy on the chin.

It’s hard to keep the ship steady sometimes though.

The waves surprise you when you’re comfortably reclining on the sun deck thinking the seas will remain calm forever.

It doesn’t take much to break you when you’re already stretched thin at this time of year.

I’m trying to be okay.

Zen like. But with a mouth full of mince tart.

I want everyone to be nice and friendly and kind and see the good and say nice things about my hair.

I had a good chat to the kids at work today. We talked about listening and how sometimes grown ups are too tired to listen to kids at home but it doesn’t mean they don’t love them. Just that they’re busy.

I think I’m too tired to listen to myself.

I’ve mended all the bridges I can and now I’ll see if they can hold my weight.

Just made myself feel a bit sick with self pity there.

I apologise for that.

In the words of the wonderful orphan Annie “Yesterday was plain awful. But that was that. Not now”.

Today was okay.

I hope yours was too.


Just some randoms…

A short list of strange things that have been happening to me:

⁃ I had a massage and the masseuse man thought that rather than relax I would be interested in hearing about how he had to get the wax off his newly laid kitchen tiles. FYI he used Jiff but it was a tricky job because sometimes you could only see the wax in certain lights. Then he applied two coats of sealer. He also recommended I come back in 2 weeks. I hope he’s had time to paint the bathroom by then.

⁃ I saw an Irish doctor today and he said I have a mild case of gastro and that I should eat lots of potatoes. I will pass his advice on to the families of the 4 children in my class who were all vomiting on the weekend. Sharing is not caring! Keep your kids home if they’re sick even if they really love kindergarten.

⁃ Last Thursday I hid from a boy at kinder because I didn’t want to hear about his bunk beds again. But then he told me that his girl grandpa (aka grandma) has big boobies and I forgave him his repetitive stories about the bunk.

⁃ My son asked if he could break an egg on his head. I said yes. Now he keeps counting the eggs in the fridge and looking and me with egg cracking eyes.

⁃ Today I had to see a pathologist to have some bloods taken and a stool sample and she went into far too much detail and I really don’t want to put my own poo (or anyone others) in the fridge.

⁃ Cannot stop wondering why do people say “cross the t’s and dot the i’s?” What about dotting the j’s?

⁃ Sometimes I lie in a really uncomfortable position because I don’t want to disturb the cat. This makes me feel like a really nice cat person but also uncomfortable.

⁃ And something else I discovered today was that when you’ve been feeling sick for a few days and decide to do a pregnancy test you might not even have enough wees to activate the test properly. (I mean it could only have been positive if the vasectomy didn’t work and the pill stopped working that day but it was still an exciting 3 minutes of pondering life.)

So yeah. That probably sums up my week. Plus apologies to my neighbours when I decided that I wanted to look up as many cover versions of a song I like on Spotify and play them loudly.

I might come up with some deep thoughts soon rather than just this meaningless drivel… but maybe not.

Love ya. xx