Not broken yet…

Hey there. How are you doing?

No. How are you really doing?

I’m okay, just.

This is the first week out of 4 that a certain person at work hasn’t accused me of doing something bad either publicly, privately or in writing.

So it could have been a good week but it rained a lot today and the roof leaked and then my colleague was head butted in the face by a child accidentally so that wasn’t good.

I had a job interview on Monday and haven’t heard back by Thursday night so it’s safe to assume I didn’t get the job. The fact that they can’t be organised enough to tell me that I didn’t get the job means it probably wasn’t that great anyway. I also shouldn’t have joked with them about notifying me of the interview outcome by pigeon.

My favourite 9 year old had a melt down before dinner as I wouldn’t let him have chocolate biscuits as I was literally (how could it be figuratively) serving up his dinner.

My bones are tired and my spirit is tired and if you ask me to do something that isn’t already on the list of things to do that runs through my head at 3 am then I don’t know how to do it.

I missed my sons expo at school today because I didn’t know it was on or it wasn’t on the afore mentioned list. Thankfully one of the other mums sent me a photo of him with his box of tan bark project.

We go to Japan next week and I equally can’t wait and can’t be bothered.

The thought of all the things that might go wrong and that I haven’t anticipated is making me feel ill.

In other news reading this post makes me think my anxiety might be having a festive season spike and that a day of rest this weekend is a must.

I hate that my family get tired me but the kids at work get the me that’s funny and kind.

I taught one of my groups for the last time today and at the end I went round the circle and said something nice about each child.

Then one girl put up her hand and said her dad can do back flips.

Another put up their hand and said her dad can do 100 back flips.

Then one girl put up her hand and said her dad has showers.

This sums up my life. Say nice things to children and they will charm you with random thoughts and nonsensical truths.

For the record I told them that I think having showers is much better than doing back flips and I wished them all well for the future.

Life keeps going even when you want to push pause or even just shut the WiFi off for a bit.

Please let me sleep well tonight and tomorrow I get to have porridge in bed and let my thoughts sit in peace for bit.