A brief life update…

Greetings. How are you?

Me? I’m good. I just bought some pants from Aldi (aka House of Aldi) so I’m clearly living the high life.

My work life has been a bit hectic. I’m at a new preschool and there have been several occasions where I’ve had to ask children to stop throwing chairs. I ask in a loud (screeching) voice but they usually listen so that’s good. But I feel like I’m not a very good teacher sometimes.

Actually made it through the first 8 weeks without filling in an incident report so doing okay.

I told one of my favourite little darlings that I had a headache and she told me that she actually had 4 sicknesses so that was worse. In case you’re wondering they were: 1. Headache. 2. A cold. 3. Blocked nose and 4. Sore tummy.

Thankfully both her parents are doctors so should be okay. Although the same girl did look at the fat bits on my arms and say “is that where your skin is shedding and the new skin will grow”? Such a confidence builder.

Speaking of sicknesses my 9 year old has reached the milestone of vomiting outside. Yay! An hour after getting home from school he ran outside and vomited into the garden with me yelling out “Are you okay? I’m so proud of you”.

My life has been hectic for someone who only works 2 and a half days a week now. Mondays and Tuesdays are full of appointments and meeting people for coffee and having naps and watching Netflix.

I’ve had a flat start to the year thanks to my previous workplace being quite awful and calling me mean names via their solicitor. It’s not personal is my new mantra.

I’ve been tired and a bit sad but it will get better.

I don’t have a lot to say because I’m doubting myself a lot and not really even sure I know what I want to say or if it’s even worth saying.

So I won’t.

I’ll try again soon though.

Ciao. xx