Fete of fate…

Tonight is the night of my kids school fete. Otherwise known as a fate worse than death.

A biannual event filled with noise, sugar and small children screaming.

I baked a lemon cake last night for the bake sale stall.

I donated blocks of chocolate and jars of lollies for prizes.

I paid 2 x $36 for ride wrist bands and then the worst of all I volunteered on the toddler game stand.

One hour watching other people’s children after working all day with other people’s children.

And I don’t usually work Fridays.

So I turn up.

My stall is set up in the shade and there are chairs to sit on. People don’t pay for admission so I don’t have to worry about handling money.

I sit down next to another volunteer.

She is one of the girls in my sons class grandmother.

We had the best chat over the course of our one hour shift.

She was born in Hong Kong and went to boarding school in England.

She had never seen cutlery when she got to boarding school and her first meal was mashed potato, peas and meat covered in brown runny gravy.

She had no idea what it was or how to eat it.

When I asked her what she does now she said she’s in investment and runs her business online at home.

When I asked her how she had trained to do that she told me she’s qualified as a nuclear physicist.

Then I told her about my job and she couldn’t believe that I teach 26 four year olds who mostly don’t speak any English.

She said she thought I was hilarious. I told her that I wished I was a selective mute because I have no control over my mouth.

I asked her if she saw the post on the entire class messenger group where I accidentally posted screen shots about the side effects of lithium instead of sending it to someone else.

She said she hadn’t but she thought it sounded pretty funny.

She also told me she hadn’t because she’d decided after living in Tasmania while working and schmoozing politicians she decided she didn’t want to have a mobile phone anymore.

We finished our hour of duty and hugged as we said goodbye and said that we would catch up for coffee sometimes.

Thus proving that sometimes when you dread something for weeks you might actually end up with a new 67 year old BFF.


Hiya! Good job! How are you?

Hello there!

Have you noticed that the world is a little bit crap at the moment? Has all the hate, anger and price of avocados got you feeling fed up? Maybe you feel like there’s nothing good in the world?

Wrong! Well not entirely wrong but because I am perfect and awesome and having a great hair day I’ve put together a quick checklist of things that you can do to change the world.

Here are my suggestions for reaching out into the big bad world and making it a little bit smaller and nicer.

1. Write a thank you note to someone who is doing a thankless job. My kids teachers are writing reports now so I think I might write a short note to the Art teacher who helps my kids create all the gorgeous artwork that comes home. If your child doesn’t have an amazing art teacher think child care workers, nurses and librarians etc.

2. Make eye contact and smile at someone who is a different race or religion to you. If that’s too easy you could also say hello and ask them how their day is going?

3. Text someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in over a month. Just to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

4. Post a message to or email someone that you like or follow on social media letting them know that you like what they have to say. Keep social media social!

5. If you can and this is totally optional donate $5 to a charity that means something to you. Don’t feel bad that it’s not more just do it if you can.

**Do these things expecting nothing in return. It’s not about you getting anything back but the feeling you get when you make someone smile.**

Also and slightly off topic of changing the world (and this may not apply to everyone) if your husband has a chainsaw on the floor of his office and it’s been bugging you for a while ask him nicely to put it back in the shed.


I wasn’t expecting that..

Me to my kids: We’re having fish and chips for dinner tonight.
My youngest (7): I don’t like fish and chips can I have frozen peas instead?

Surely all kids should like hot chips right? Isn’t that a rule? Unless they have a severe potato allergy and even then they would still want to have chips if they could wouldn’t they?

Life is strange isn’t it?

There’s never quite the right answer for it.

It’s unpredictable in both good and bad ways.

My very dear friends cat died recently. On the back of another of her cats dying not that long ago. Both sad accidents. That doesn’t seem to be fair. That’s not okay.

Life sometimes just sucks and it’s nobody’s fault. Or there’s nobody to blame which is probably worse.

My sister in law’s mum has cancer. She’s having chemo and has a fancy new wig. Her husband died after suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a decade and now she’s sick too.

That’s not fair.

But then there’s random good things too aren’t there?

Silly laughs with a friend.

Good coffee.

The perfect sugar-free slice of cheesecake.

Hot porridge in bed with a new book.

Clean sheets and towels.

YouTube clips of kids falling off slides.

Funny unexpected gifts in the mail.

Kindness in all its forms.

Microwave popcorn and a Disney movie.

There’s so much heavy sadness out there and sometimes in here too.

The not fair-ed-ness of life sometimes confounds me and leaves me at a loss for the right words to say.

The good moments that pop up in the midst of tragedy make it more bearable.

The strangeness of a kid not liking hot chips makes me laugh.

Life is complicated and it’s interesting isn’t it? It can all change in a second or you can be stuck in a rut for years.

I like to ramble a lot about nothing and post it online to remind myself when I look back that things change and that it usually works out okay.


All good here…


I’ve not had much to say recently.

I’ve been well. So well in fact that my psychologist sent me home half way through our session last week.

I’ve had nothing to complain about. I am very lucky and totes hashtag blessed.

(Whenever someone types the word hashtag they should by law be sneezed on by a snotty child.)

But because you, my readers, (yes that’s right plural) might have been missing me I thought I’d pop in and reassure you that all is well.

My husband was away last week and this week and next week and that’s okay. The travel is supposed to slow down after that.

I am volunteering for a bit each morning at my kids school. Not in my kids classes mind you as they would be too distracted by their love for me (asking me for lunch orders) to learn a thing.

I’ve been working with a class of 5 year olds. They are so sweet. They are learning so much and they are full of wonder.

Yesterday while learning to write their names 3 boys were talking about death and how you die when you’re 100.

One boy then pointed out that you can die when you’re a baby if you’re very sick. They thought about this for a while and decided that you could die anytime but not while you’re writing your name at school because then you’re not sick or old.

These 3 young boys then talked about getting married to girls and having babies. Then one said that boys sometimes love boys and have kids and they all nodded and went back to their writing.

We think kids need to learn from us but we need to learn from them.

There’s so little judgement unless it’s been rammed down their throats earlier.

There is kindness and silliness and pure excitement watching a YouTube video about the letter of the day.

Kids are allowed to laugh when one of their peers farts and put their noses down their tops.

Adults can’t do this.

Kids can look gorgeous leaving the house with some breakfast on their face and toothpaste on their shirt.

The other day I heard a young girl at school running to the toilets telling her friends that her wees had already started.

These are but a few of the reasons that kids are lovely… and need to be bathed regularly.

I am good.

I am enjoying spending time with other peoples kids and having the energy to still spend time with my own.

I like volunteering and going home whenever I need coffee and a nap.

I have nothing profound to share and nothing significant to add.

Except that the next generation are quite lovely. They are sensitive and smart and spill a lot of yoghurt.

There is doom and gloom everywhere. There are bad people and bad things and bad reasons for bad people doing the bad things.

But I’ve got 20 new friends who think that I’m funny and tell me so.

I’ve got 2 kids at home who think that I should get a job making seagull noises because I’m so good at it.

So yeah, I’m okay.

Christmas musings…

And now for my Annual Christmas Message.

Well it would be weird if it was more than annual wouldn’t it.

And now for my Quarterly Christmas Message. Nah. Not the same.

Now do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well today I made vegan Christmas ice cream made with bananas and dates instead of cream.

That’s actually the good news and the bad news.

That’s all my news.

Tomorrow my boys will wake (hopefully after 6) and look to see what Santa has brought.

Wasn’t sure that we’d still be believing this year.

But as Santa says it’s better to be a believer than a belieber.

So here I am on Christmas Eve with the air conditioner on and contemplating a nudie midnight swim.

I love Christmas but I hate the inequality of it.

How big and flashy it is.

How when you’re hosting a Christmas Carols on TV you need to change dresses 3 times.

Well not me personally but you know what I mean.

We have so much and we’re so blessed and I desperately don’t want my kids to grow up taking that for granted.

So many things.

But here is my grown up Christmas wish…

I would like more empathy and compassion and kindness on earth.

Random acts of niceness just because.

Quiet chats with strangers about what colour ham is best to buy and whether you should get the loin or the end bit that’s all fatty.

Simple conversations with people you don’t know about their reindeer earrings and if they’re heavy and if they get stuck on things. (She reassured me that they didn’t.)

And maybe just a little bit of realising that even though the grass may be greener over there our own grass only looks dodgy because it’s been played on so much by people that we love.

I know people go on and on and on about gratitude and honestly I’d be grateful if they just shut up sometimes but being grateful is free and makes you feel good and helps you find the good.

So this Christmas be grateful for me.

Or something else. Yeah probably something else.

Wishing you and yours a very grateful Christmas.


Discourse discontent…

Oh my golly goodness gosh.

I could insert a rant here and get some serious hurts that I have off my chest.

But I won’t.

Because there is enough bloody whinging going on in the world.

And by whinging I don’t mean people protesting against issues that need to be heard and atrocities that only seem to be fixed when enough people say enough.

I’m talking about Facebook groups where people complain about school car parking.

Naming and shaming with gay abandon.

I’m talking about people on Twitter who don’t have anything nice to say EVER. And yes I know the whole point of Twitter is to give a voice to those who would be too scared to ever say the vile filth they type anonymously in real life.

But it honestly all just breaks me sometimes.

There is so much pulling down.

So much pointing out faults.

Constant disagreements with strangers while using poor punctuation.

I actively avoid confrontation.

It scares me.

I don’t want to upset anyone or be misconstrued or offensive to a minority I don’t even know exists so I keep quiet.

I do not have the strength to fight the feedback or engage with others in the comments section so instead I abstain.

I mean I rant in my head and roll my eyes as much as the next person when someone posts something vague or cryptic but my skin is now too thin.

Strangely enough having thin skin doesn’t effect my weight when it comes to the scales.

There was a time when people could agree to disagree.

And had open minds.

And could listen to someone else without the need to publicly correct and humiliate them.

Kindness is lacking.

Or maybe it’s not.

But it would be nice if being right wasn’t the main purpose of every interaction.

If winning wasn’t everything.

Spread love.

Or spread butter and honey on your crumpets, make yourself a hot drink and ignore the crazy conversations of others for a bit.


Life’s not fair…

I spent some time yesterday with my 98 year old great aunt.

I was my usual inappropriate self and stole one of her chocolates that she’d won at Bingo and then reprimanded her for gambling.

I also held her hand and stroked it and talked with her about her daughter who had passed away the day before.

My great aunt is my late Granny’s sister.

We talked about all sorts of things and had a little cry too.

Life isn’t fair. I don’t think that being 98 and living in a nursing home and burying your only daughter is fair.

But that’s how it goes sometimes.

You could make a list of all the things that aren’t fair.

I think we all spend some time on the list during our lives.

Some stay on the list longer than others.

(Some think they are on the list but they are possibly lacking a little perspective about others.)

We all have moments where things aren’t fair and can’t be fixed in the short term.

I have friends that I wish I could wave a magic wand for and help them. Help pull them out from deep, dark black holes and shower them in some sunshine.

Let them know that sooner or maybe much, much later that things can get better.

But life isn’t fair.

And I have two beautiful friends/second cousins who lost the most amazing mother on Friday.

She has left a hole in their hearts that will never ever mend.

She was an elegant and proper lady from another generation.

But I will picture her most on her daughters blue couch knitting something.

She was wise in a way that I’m smart enough not to even contemplate emulating.

She was brave and sweet.

She sent me a message on Wednesday saying that she loved me.

And on Friday she got up out of her hospital bed, had a shower and went back to bed for a rest.

She’s not in pain anymore.

So that’s fair. But life isn’t.


Disjointed daily report…

Ahhhh workplace politics.

Always fun isn’t it?


I work with a lady who is single, has no children and currently is being paid 2 days a week to do some admin jobs.

My boss is a mother of 5 and is a volunteer.

They can’t really see each other’s point of view at the moment.

I can and it’s making my head hurt.

I had two meetings today about children with special needs.

And we had a 5th birthday party.

Needless to say everything is *wonderful.

(*Sometimes the word wonderful can be replaced with the word crap!)

It was a good day though because strangely enough we all want the same thing.

We all want the kids to be happy and to learn and to feel safe and supported.

I made a speech therapist cry today when I suggested we need to spend more time putting the care back into childcare.

I love my students and I could tell you something lovable about all of them and I’ve only known them 6 weeks.

Having said that I’m totes hanging out for school holidays in 2 weeks!!!

In other news today I may have reached a new low point in my life when I asked someone I don’t know very well if I could have a sip of their take away coffee.

Take care and be caring. xx


Are you good enough?

For yourself?

Or do you judge yourself too harshly?

It’s so much easier to be kind to others than to ourselves.

Self loathing can take a lot of energy can’t it?

We get so good at comparing ourselves to others that we forget to be proud of who we are.

Most of us do good things.

Most of us try to be kind.

Most of us are probably better than we think we are.

And sometimes we make mistakes and that’s okay too.

We’re too hard on us. We are all doing our best most of the time. We don’t think it’s good enough though.

I have so many friends that I want to help. People who need money. People who need love. People who just need to know how wonderful they are.

I wish I could help more.

I wish that I could like me more.

So in the mean time I’m going to like you and you’re going to like me and we’ll practice liking ourselves too.


Year of kindness…

It is my aim this year to not whinge, whine or gossip… too much.

I’m better than that.

(Though not as funny obviously.)

My big thing this year is that I don’t want to judge.

I don’t want to be standing outside looking in and making assumptions.

We are all doing our best so why bother judging.

Judging people is not me at my best. Or it shouldn’t be.

I aim to spend less time saying things about others and more time doing things for others.

It will be a year of random acts of kindness.

It will be a year of gaining enjoyment from making others happy.

It’s going to be all about the little things.

I want to be thought of with kindness.

I want to be better in every sense of the word.

I’m going to spread Christmas cheer all year round in the same way a seasonably unemployed elf who still wants to make people smile would.

I get great pleasure from making others happy.

(There’s probably a whole other therapy session right there in that sentence and how I also need to learn to say no but that’s how it goes.)

So until I get around to doing something kind for you please be kind to yourself on my behalf.

Put some flowers in water.

Make a coffee (strong not soy) and read a book.

Breathe some fresh air while listening to your favorite song.

Or just breathe and smile.

And I will too.