Fete of fate…

Tonight is the night of my kids school fete. Otherwise known as a fate worse than death.

A biannual event filled with noise, sugar and small children screaming.

I baked a lemon cake last night for the bake sale stall.

I donated blocks of chocolate and jars of lollies for prizes.

I paid 2 x $36 for ride wrist bands and then the worst of all I volunteered on the toddler game stand.

One hour watching other people’s children after working all day with other people’s children.

And I don’t usually work Fridays.

So I turn up.

My stall is set up in the shade and there are chairs to sit on. People don’t pay for admission so I don’t have to worry about handling money.

I sit down next to another volunteer.

She is one of the girls in my sons class grandmother.

We had the best chat over the course of our one hour shift.

She was born in Hong Kong and went to boarding school in England.

She had never seen cutlery when she got to boarding school and her first meal was mashed potato, peas and meat covered in brown runny gravy.

She had no idea what it was or how to eat it.

When I asked her what she does now she said she’s in investment and runs her business online at home.

When I asked her how she had trained to do that she told me she’s qualified as a nuclear physicist.

Then I told her about my job and she couldn’t believe that I teach 26 four year olds who mostly don’t speak any English.

She said she thought I was hilarious. I told her that I wished I was a selective mute because I have no control over my mouth.

I asked her if she saw the post on the entire class messenger group where I accidentally posted screen shots about the side effects of lithium instead of sending it to someone else.

She said she hadn’t but she thought it sounded pretty funny.

She also told me she hadn’t because she’d decided after living in Tasmania while working and schmoozing politicians she decided she didn’t want to have a mobile phone anymore.

We finished our hour of duty and hugged as we said goodbye and said that we would catch up for coffee sometimes.

Thus proving that sometimes when you dread something for weeks you might actually end up with a new 67 year old BFF.



I’m still here.

People say that you should cut negative people out of your life.

So what happens to all the negative people?

Or the people who are just hard work because they require a bit of extra love sometimes?

Everyone needs someone.

I need someone sometimes.

I’ve been on antidepressants for a couple of years now.

Sometimes I have bad days and don’t know if it’s me or the meds.

I don’t know if worry is anxiety wearing a disguise and sadness is depression hiding under the bed.

Sometimes it’s the same with good days.

I haven’t been writing as often as I used to. I get a bit scared that I’ll say the wrong thing and offend someone or that I’ll upset someone.

It’s strange that when I write here I use my filters. In real life I have no filters.

I spew rubbish out of my mouth and then stew about what I said for days.

I’m strange like that but…

The sun has come out more lately and the fresh air and vitamin D seem to make life nicer.

The washing is drying on the line instead of inside which brings me so much joy that I’m sure my meds are working.

I’ve made enough bolognese sauce to last for 4 dinners today so that part of my brain that worries about dinner is on a break.

So in short I’m good. I hope you are too but I’m here for you if you need someone.


P.S I “borrowed” that pic from Instagram.

I wasn’t expecting that..

Me to my kids: We’re having fish and chips for dinner tonight.
My youngest (7): I don’t like fish and chips can I have frozen peas instead?

Surely all kids should like hot chips right? Isn’t that a rule? Unless they have a severe potato allergy and even then they would still want to have chips if they could wouldn’t they?

Life is strange isn’t it?

There’s never quite the right answer for it.

It’s unpredictable in both good and bad ways.

My very dear friends cat died recently. On the back of another of her cats dying not that long ago. Both sad accidents. That doesn’t seem to be fair. That’s not okay.

Life sometimes just sucks and it’s nobody’s fault. Or there’s nobody to blame which is probably worse.

My sister in law’s mum has cancer. She’s having chemo and has a fancy new wig. Her husband died after suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a decade and now she’s sick too.

That’s not fair.

But then there’s random good things too aren’t there?

Silly laughs with a friend.

Good coffee.

The perfect sugar-free slice of cheesecake.

Hot porridge in bed with a new book.

Clean sheets and towels.

YouTube clips of kids falling off slides.

Funny unexpected gifts in the mail.

Kindness in all its forms.

Microwave popcorn and a Disney movie.

There’s so much heavy sadness out there and sometimes in here too.

The not fair-ed-ness of life sometimes confounds me and leaves me at a loss for the right words to say.

The good moments that pop up in the midst of tragedy make it more bearable.

The strangeness of a kid not liking hot chips makes me laugh.

Life is complicated and it’s interesting isn’t it? It can all change in a second or you can be stuck in a rut for years.

I like to ramble a lot about nothing and post it online to remind myself when I look back that things change and that it usually works out okay.


Not forlorned…

Come at me world.

Bring it on.

I’m ready for you.

No really, please come at me and explain how 3D printers work because I cannot comprehend it.

But seriously it’s all very real right now isn’t it?

This thing we call life.

I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls specials and so now I can’t brain properly but I’m saying all of this super fast in my head.

Last week I went interstate for the day.

It was too much.

I am not that person. Except for when I am.

It was too much to fly 2 hours north and then drive one hour south just to watch one hour of a radio program and then eat ice cream on the beach.

It is too opulent.

I felt like a rich brat but on points.

I don’t quite know how to live and walk the line where I can have these crazy days and do too much while others have nothing.

You know how when you were younger you talked things up. This cost $100 it was so expensive.

Now it’s embarrassing. This old thing? I bought it at the Op Shop, ON SALE!

I proclaim to not want things and then I have crazy days and moments and privileges that others don’t.

I am not a conundrum.

I am just getting ready for my midlife crisis.

No, not really but I do need to learn to say no.

I may have already agreed to become an au-pair and a teacher of phonics to 10 year olds next year.

This is who I am.

My tastebuds have changed again. Like the seasons.

I’ve gone off chocolate.

I repeat I’ve gone off chocolate.

Last night I made sugar free banana muffins.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

And that’s okay too.



“Being forlorned is not forearmed.”

(That obviously makes no sense but I made it up and now I think it’s a thing.)

P.P.S I think I’m hilarious but deep. Just in case you were wondering.


Last night I dreamt that I was riding my brothers yellow motor bike without a license and with no idea of how to ride a motor bike.

Please note my brother doesn’t own a yellow motor bike.

I didn’t have a bike helmet so I wore a shower cap instead.

Please note that a shower cap is a poor choice of safety head wear.

I accidentally left the motor bike on a bus and was quite upset in the dream because my brother would be angry with me.

Please note if that had happened he would have been within his rights to be angry. And who takes a motor bike on a bus anyway?

On the bus I was sitting next to one of the main female characters from Game of Thrones who in real life was a man and an identical twin.

Please note that I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones because I’m a little bit scared of the violence and probably the nudity too.

My dream made no sense on so many levels.

But my real life doesn’t always make much more sense.

I seemed to lose hours of my day today as the kids played on iPads and I had nothing to do.

I read so many online articles that I went from stupid to wise and back again.

I have such vivid dreams that they freak me out.

Maybe it’s the meds. It must be the meds. Because they’re so real.

I would love someone to interpret them and to reassure me that I’m normal.

Well not necessarily normal but more like others than I feel sometimes.

I’m neither lost not found at the moment, just in limbo.

Like a ridiculously uncoordinated person stuck under a limbo stick with some sort of back condition.

Well there we have yet another disjointed post that goes nowhere.

You’re welcome.



It’s Friday afternoon.

I’ve done two loads of washing, vacuumed and mopped the floors, emptied the cat litter and kitchen bin and made bolognese in the slow cooker.

I’m reading my book now. The afternoon sun is glorious and I’m in bed with socks on.

I’m also considering joining the Army and/or a bikie gang.

Well I would if I had enough energy.

I love the idea of getting my adventure on but truth be told I’m exhausted after having done very little.

Not sure I’d survive Army induction and I can’t ride a motor bike.

What are my options?

Will I ever have options again?

Who took my options?
Maybe I’ll just join a pottery class instead. That sounds infinitely more doable.

Hit me up if you want a wonky mug.


Same, same.

It’s Sunday afternoon here which means that my 4 day weekend is coming to an end.

Yep. Not getting a lot of sympathy for that am I?

I’m only working 3 days this year. Monday to Wednesday.

I have more time for me.

It’s awesome.

(But I still dread Monday.)

This weekend I stayed at a hotel and slept in a big bed with the softest sheets.

On Friday night I drank a hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso and felt violently ill during a fantastic play detailing the life of Etta James.

I did not vomit in my handbag as I feared so that’s a win for everyone right there.

I’ve had many naps which is a sure sign of a successful weekend.

I’ve finished one book and I’ve started another.

Summer has come back and the washing basket is empty.

It is with much sadness that I announce that I am at a stage in my life where an empty washing basket brings me much joy.

This is more like a super boring diary entry than a blog post that changes the lives of millions but I guess that’s me.

I have only a few friends that I interact with on a regular basis and I don’t think anything I’m doing will change the world anytime soon.

And that’s probably a good thing.

Who needs that sort of pressure.

This is me. Leading my ordinary life. A life revolving around eating too much chocolate and making the most of the good washing days.

Same, same and very rarely different but mine. x