Bin day…

Well hello and good morning everyone.

Exciting news. I’ve just spilt some porridge on my pyjamas which means that today I had the luxury of eating my breakfast in bed.

Little things.

The weather is warming up here and I think today is going to be good.

The rubbish truck is emptying my bin now and any second the old man from number 4 will come running out and bring his bin in. It’s not a competition but he wins every time.

People are strange aren’t they?

(Actually that was a rhetorical question.)

It’s the little things we do that define us.

He is the self appointed Captain of the street. He knows when people are away. He knows where and he knows for how long. Actually he’s a bit weird I reckon but I tell the boys to wave at him when they see him because weird people can also be kind and helpful.

We are creatures of habit aren’t we?

We make routines and they become us.

We are safe in them because we are in control.

Then we change our routines and feel something different and that’s good too.

We keep going.

I’m not sure at what stage following a routine means that you’re stuck in a rut. Maybe it’s when you can live your life on auto pilot. Or when you can’t distinguish one day from the next.

I’m not there yet.

But maybe that’s what it’s like when you’re older and lonely.

Maybe bringing in the bin on a Thursday morning is the day that’s different in the week. But then all Thursdays are the same.

This is a fairly pointless post but maybe it’s a reminder to me to go out past my bedtime sometimes on a Saturday night and try new things.

Maybe I could get up early and watch the sunrise.

Maybe make pancakes for breakfast.

Hold the cuddles a little longer.

Wear the red earrings and some lipstick.

Keep it real.

Add some spontaneity to my day.

Wave to the old man and make time for a chat with him too as we bring the bins in.

Little things.

(And happy birthday again for yesterday M. xx)

Grey sky simplicity…

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m in bed with a hot cuppa and my book.

I’m watching and listening to the rain pour down outside. I love how it comes in bursts.

It tapers off for a minute or so then comes pouring down again.

There are raindrops hanging from the gutters, shimmering on the overhead wires running to the house and sitting on top of the leaves.

It’s all so shiny.

I’m tempted to go the car and take my new spotted umbrella for a spin.

Dance in the rain.

Get wet.

Then have a hot shower to warm up and another cuppa before getting back into bed.

There are so many choices.

The washing on the line is now wetter than when I hung it out.

That’s not important.

I’m important. Enjoying the little moments are important.

Smiling like an idiot when no one is watching just because I’m happy.

Snuggling further under the covers.

Marzipan chocolate in the top drawer.

A grey sky with sunshine.


From little things I make molehills…

You know the sayings “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “don’t worry about the little things”. (Or something like that, whatever.)

Yeah well I’m awesome at both. I don’t just sweat the small stuff I bathe in it. (Ewwwww! I totally do not bathe in sweat by the way.)

I find something small to worry about, plant it in a terra cotta pot and nurture those small seedlings until they flourish into something really worth worrying about.

Today I had an appointment at 10am. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t find a car park that I felt like throwing up. I was worried about the coffee being of poor quality and that I wouldn’t have the right change for the meter.

I got a park right out the front. Right out the front!!! I had the right change. And the coffee? Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

So it turns out that I worried about things that I didn’t need to worry about.

That worries me.

My 5 year old son got his first school report recently. It said that he sometimes over reacts and cries instead of asking the teacher for help.

I wonder where gets that from.

I asked him today if he ever gets worried about little things.

He said yes. “Are you talking about Lego men because they can easily fall out of your pocket?”

So I should try not to worry about the little things… or get some pockets with zips.