Mood music…

You know that moment when you make a spur of the moment decision to see a movie during the day on your own and it’s a film starring your girl crush Carey Mulligan set in 1870 and you walk out feeling all proper and lady like.

And then you catch yourself checking out a really hot blind guy with a really big cane.

And you feel perhaps you’re not as ladylike as you had previously thought.


It’s so strange how quickly music and images can change your mood and make you feel like a whole different person.

It’s lovely though isn’t it.

Listening to different music and feeling different because of it.

This of course doesn’t always work to your advantage.

The shuffle on my phone is contaminated and can’t be trusted due to the large volume of Christmas tunes and Afghani lute music in my library.

Don’t ask.

But the songs that take you somewhere else and make you feel something else are magical.

Songs from your childhood.

Songs from movies.

Certain songs by Elton John?

Songs from places you’ve been and places where you felt something.

I don’t know much about music but I know what I like and what I feel.

And I always dance like nobody’s watching… especially when they are. x


Music is the language of us all…

I was reading a book today and came across the line “music is the language of memory”.

It’s true isn’t it? Music takes you back and makes you remember things.

Music can fix things for a while.

Now I don’t profess to be a music expert at all. I tend to find songs and bands I like and listen to them on repeat for years.

I remember listening to Night Swimming when I was 17 and in love. It summed up all of my feelings and I listened to it on my discman for hours.

I remember going to a concert in Denmark on my own. I’d walked around all day and was exhausted and embarrassed at being on my own so I slid down the wall and listened to Sanne Salomonsen singing her songs. The songs were in English, the dialogue that had everyone else laughing and whooping was not.

I’ve not been to see lots of live music. I would like to. I feel a bit old now. And there’s the small fact that strobe lights can see me leaving venues in ambulance which isn’t fun.

I had a very special friend in my car the other day and we listened to “You have a friend in me” sung in Spanish for half an hour as we drove home. It was the right song at the right time.

Last year when everything was at it’s most stuffed I couldn’t find a song that I wanted to listen to.

Every shuffle was bad.

All the radio stations were wrong.

The music was speaking to me but I wasn’t listening.

Today I randomly chose a radio station on the iTunes thingy and I liked every song. I danced and sang along and added them all to my wish list.

I like all my favourite songs again and I’m ready to like more.

So hit me up (that’s how the cool kids talk) with some suggestions.

And here are some of my favourites if you want to dance along with me:
– Zbigniew Preisner: Secret Garden
-Tori Amos: Winter
-Emma Louise: Jungle
-Joni Mitchell: A Case of You (I also love the James Blake version)
-REM: Night Swimming