Things I’m exceptionally not good at…

Sometimes you think you’re good at something but it turns out you’re not.

For example in your early 20’s you may or may not have been in a secret spy club with your friends (Yes, I am a nerd) and your spy name may have been Parker. This name provided to you based on your superior parking skills.

And then suddenly you parallel park outside a friends house with 2 wheels on the curb and you find this acceptable.

Or you made decide to shorten some curtains for a rental property. You however may not feel the need to measure them before cutting and the result being one of the curtains 20cm longer than the other.

I thought I was good at these things. I am not.

And then you have my nearly 5 year old son who when I explained to him that using the term “What the heck” wasn’t really appropriate he changed it to “What the haircut”. Which I can’t really fault.

He is good at things.

Lots of things.

I am not so much.

I will now make a short list of other things that I am not good at:
– B├ęchamel sauce
– Sports
– Painting my nails
– Somersaults
– Hiccuping
– Returning library books
– Picking queues at the Supermarket
– Knowing when to finish short lists

So that’s a little bit of me. I’m also not terribly good at that whole thinking before you speak thing but ah, what the haircut.