Life update..

Every now and then I like to share a quick list of things that I know and things that I don’t know.

I now declare that it’s that time again.

Things I know number one…

My husband is not a morning person. This was far less obvious when he was traveling a lot for work.

Just in case you ever run into my husband before 8am you should remember to not speak to him or make direct eye contact.

If he grunts at you it’s best to smile and wish him a pleasant day.

A consequence of this discovery is that I get the kids ready before I go to work and he looks after the dreaded bed time so it’s really not such a bad thing.

Things I know number two.

Sometimes you get bitten on the chin by a small child at work.

This is far more likely if you actually work with children.

It hurt a bit and I informed the child’s mum at pick up time and showed her the bruise on my face.

Then I felt bad because as the mother of a child with special needs things will never be easy for her and he will need her to look after him forever.

And forever is a long time after my bruise will have faded.

Things I know number three.

I have never known any of the people on the Crime Stoppers pictures. I feel that this is really hampering my efforts to help the community and contribute to catching criminals.

However it does spare me a lot of paperwork and possibly a stint as a witness in a murder trial.

Things I don’t know…

I don’t know where my friend got her lovely wooden spoons with the silicone handle tips.

I’ve googled them but I can’t find them. I should probably just ask her.

I should also feel rather smug at the fact that locating silicone handled wooden spoons are my biggest dilemma at the moment.

Things are going well.

I’m tired from this whole getting up, going to work and being forced to drink fake Nespresso pod coffee thing.

But I’m thrilled that I can wear my lovely blue overalls and my shoes with the flowers on them and get paid to spend time talking and listening to children.

The kids and their comments delight me.

A little girl (probably my favourite) told me she saw seven people get aten by sharks at a swimming pool.

While I was talking about how my grandfather fought in World War 2 she was far more interested in how old he was when he died and what he died from.

Kids are blunt, unfiltered and silly.

Much like me.

And that’s a quick recap of what I know and what I don’t know. xx


Diary of a Pre-School teacher…

Tuesday August 2nd.

Wake up at 6:00. Get up at 6:20. Make breakfast smoothie, drink coffee, shower and dress for work.

Drive to work.

Arrive at 7:10 and print off policies for all staff. Blah! (Should have been done 2 years ago but there’s no time like the present.)

Take down chairs. Put kettle on.

8:30 Open door and greet children and families.

9:00 New office chair is delivered. Open box and remove chair bits.

4 children climb in the box. One injured. Box is banned and put outside.

9:20 Write a notice for all the families reminding them not to park in the disabled carpark and not to swear at other families when they are blocked in while parked illegally in the disabled carpark.

9:30 Office supplies are delivered. Realise you ordered wrong size masking tape. Could care less.

9:40 Have an argument in broken English with a family about the fact that even though their son is 4 he has missed the cut off for attending preschool this year. Need to be 4 by 30th April. His birthday is 5th May.

They tell me they have an appointment. I tell them they don’t. They tell me to check my computer. I tell them that I’m the only one who knows how to use the computer and their are no appointments on it.

10:00 Reptile show arrives. I attempt not to faint or run away when the snakes come out. Then I hold a 4 metre Python called Tiny just to show the kids it’s okay. It wasn’t.

11:00 Try to get a small boy to eat his banana. He spits banana on me. I tried twice more then gave up.

11:10 Another boy wets his pants. He has a change of clothes in his bag but his shoes are sopping wet so we send him home.

12:00 A girl gets pushed off the top of the slide. Not down the slide but off the slide by her best friend. We send her home too.

12:15 We receive a call from the Education Department asking for our Quality Improvement Plan. I tell them it was submitted it but email it to them anyway. I then lose the email they sent me and my reply so maybe it didn’t happen?

12:30 Eat lunch. Or rather a boy eats his lunch while sitting on my lap. Then when he’s finished I reheat some pizza from the night before.

20 children then ask me if I’m eating pizza while I’m eating pizza.

(Looking back on the day this was about the time the kids really defeated me. Synchronised pizza questions will do that.)

12:45 Follow up call from the family that visited in the morning. Reiterate everything said in the morning until they hang up on me.

1:00 Coughing fit. Leave room to drink water.

1:30 Dismiss class.

1:40 Attempt to assemble office chair.

1:50 Eat 4 chocolate biscuits and bang head on the wall to aid digestion and alleviate headache.

2:00-2:30 Stare at chair and screws and instructions.

2:30 Place chair bits in colleagues car for her husband to assemble at home.

2:35 Leave work.

So that was my working day. It was one of those days where we all stared at each other and wondered what was going wrong.

We counted down the minutes until home time and then realised the clock on the wall was 3 minutes fast and we wondered if we were stuck in a vortex where home time never comes.

I love working with children but sometimes they break me.

Today they won.

They won as a team and as individuals.

But I had pizza and biscuits and the policies got done and I may or may not have resubmitted an important document and I didn’t have to assemble any furniture.

I told a little boy that I think he’s amazing and clever and that I love being his teacher. (I don’t think that he gets much love at home.)

My point is this: Please be kind to teachers because some days are just awful.

If in doubt give them chocolate and home made baklava and flowers and coffee.

Or just say thank you and tell them you appreciate them. xx